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Rugs have existed for centuries and continue to be a timeless staple in households. These decor pieces are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making it a smart purchase for you and your family. If properly maintained, a good rug can last for decades and turn into a family heirloom.

Adding a rug in the right place can do wonders to your living space. For example, an intricately patterned rug with bold colors makes the perfect statement piece in a pastel-colored room. Meanwhile, a light gray distressed rug can help relax your eyes from various visual elements in your space.

Looking for area rugs in West University Place, TX? Shop at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. We offer a diverse collection of rugs around the world, from elegant traditional pieces to forward-thinking contemporary rugs. Whether you're going for a contemporary theme or a classic, traditional look, you'll surely find a piece that fits your needs here.

When choosing the right rug, keep these important factors in mind: your furnishings, personal taste, and budget. Hand-knotted rugs, for example, are extremely durable and can make your room look effortlessly elegant and comfortable. However, they can be quite expensive.

If you're looking for a more affordable alternative, you can never go wrong with a power-loomed or machine-loomed rug. While these pieces may not be as intricate as a hand-woven rug, it can still be a delightful art piece in your home.

Our Rug Styles and Types

Our inventory includes a wide array of area rugs that will suit your artistic sensibilities. We offer four distinct styles: traditional, tribal, contemporary, and transitional. Each style has a charm of its own that can complement your indoor style.

First, we have the classic traditional area rugs. Centuries-old Persian and Oriental rug weaving techniques have been passed down from generation to generation to create the artisan rugs we know today. It is an artistic way of preserving cultural heritage.

Ancient scrolls are also a prominent design feature in a traditional rug. It often utilizes premium natural fibers like silk and wool for a comfortable and elegant piece.

You can select from a variety of colors, sizes, motifs, and patterns to add a touch of sophistication to your room. Consider covering your floor with a black and white area rug for a soft and classy foot cushion. Or you can also hang a bold, red patterned rug to create a striking visual piece on your neutral-toned wall.

Tribal area rugs run along the same thread of timeless weaving practices as traditional rugs. However, they are more than just a rug; they are a significant cultural expression of nomadic tribes across the world. History traces the origins of tribal rug making to the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, and these tribal-inspired rugs still continue to be made today.

Notable features in a tribal rug include rich colors, free-form patterns, and geometric, nature-inspired shapes. You'll also notice a diverse range of designs and symbols that belong to the nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes in Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Russia, and Turkey. Every hand-knotted piece showcases the weaver's skill and creativity. This means you'll receive a rug that's like no other.

Next, we have our contemporary area rugs fit for your unique taste in art. These rugs feature bold colors, sensational designs, and abstract patterns, making them perfect for modern spaces. Just like in contemporary art, they're all about novelty, experimentation, and creative expression. So inject liveliness into your space with a contemporary rug from Cyrus Rugs.

To give you a better idea of what contemporary rugs look like, they reflect exquisite craftsmanship. Consider placing a beige or any neutral-colored bedroom area rug to add a subtle layer of texture to your vibrant sleeping space. Or if your living room needs a bit of dazzle, you may opt to hang a graphic abstract rug as a centerpiece on your wall.

Can't pick between traditional or contemporary? Luckily, you don't have to! You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a transitional rug. It transcends conventional standards in design and features a creative synergy of traditional and modern elements.

For this style of rug, you'll find exciting visual elements, unique textures, and versatile colors. It takes classic repetitive elements to the next level by putting a modern spin on them. Display the rug right and it can provide depth, texture, and personality in a dull space.

A transitional rug can help you create the right ambiance in your space, as well. For example, you can complement your wooden floor with a beige or champagne transitional rug for greater warmth. Or if you have stone floors, earthy brown or light blue area rugs can add an interesting layer to your space.

Rug Designers and Brands

Looking for a rug in West University Place, TX? At Cyrus Rugs, our inventory features an extensive range of rugs from various big name designers that are recognized for their contributions to interior design.

First on our list is the American powerhouse designer, Ralph Lauren. You may have heard his name from Ralph Lauren polos, but his contributions go beyond high-quality American apparel. He is also a visionary in the rug industry, showcasing a diverse collection of luxury home area rugs.

Lauren draws inspiration from classic European styles and combines it with America's rich heritage and decades of craftsmanship. The result? A high-quality area rug that adds a touch of elegance to your home. You can select from calming blues, fiery reds, and warm browns to fit the style you're looking for.

Another prominent designer in our lineup is Barbara Barry. She is a renowned figure in contemporary design who incorporates natural elements into a clean minimalistic rug design. Her innovative approach to modern minimalist style has helped her earn multiple awards such as the World's 100 Best Designers from Architectural Digest.

Barry brings life to monochromatic, neutral tones with her complex and versatile designs. Aside from using nature-inspired elements, she also draws inspiration from modern architecture and early 20th-century French design. Her rugs are recognized for their tasteful combination of clean lines and organic shapes.

Thomas O'Brien is another icon in modern design. He puts a contemporary spin on classical styles to create a casual and comfortable look. By combining a laid back ambiance with a classic elegant flair, he truly embodies “chic casualness.”

O'Brien's rug designs feature a blend of vintage, traditional, and modern elements weaved carefully by hand. They range from calming, serene motifs to lively, vibrant designs.

Meanwhile, Kevin Walz takes innovation up a notch by delivering imaginative and compelling rug designs. He combines colors, textures, lights, tones, and materials in new ways to create eye-catching rugs. He describes his work as “understandable yet fresh to the eye.”

His forward-thinking approach in design has earned him the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Metropolitan Home Design 100 Hall of Fame in 1997. Walz artfully melds the world of fine art and interior design in Tufenkian rugs.

Moreover, he doesn't confine himself to standard design practices, and continues to push the boundaries of modern and traditional rugs.

Our catalog also includes a variety of other well-known designers such as:

  • James Tufenkian
  • Clodagh
  • Kavi
  • Jenny Jones
  • Mark Pollack
  • Vicente Wolf

We also feature prominent rug brands in our inventory, making us the perfect choice for a West University Place, TX rug. This includes Lapchi, Nourison, Tamarian, and our very own Cyrus Artisan Rugs.

Lapchi, for instance, features quality handmade rugs from Nepal and Pakistan. On the other hand, Nourison creates Bohemian-inspired rugs with abstract and symmetrical designs that are ideal for modern spaces. We also have Tamarian rugs that offer painstakingly crafted hand-knotted pieces that carry over centuries of Tibetan rug-weaving tradition.

Our West University Place, TX line also includes the following brands:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Safavieh
  • Tamarian
  • Tufenkian
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Kalaty
  • Samad
  • Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Loloi Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

The beauty of rugs can be traced to its construction and weaving process. Our diverse collection of rugs are made using a number of weaving methods that range from traditional hand-knotted to accessible, machine-loomed pieces.

Rug collectors and enthusiasts from West University Place, TX can find the following kinds of rugs in our collection:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-loomed
  • Hand-tufted
  • Power-loomed
  • Machine-loomed

Our most prized pieces are the hand-knotted rugs because each knot in these rugs are crafted manually by an artisan's skillful hand. With every loop and stitch, the weaver turns natural fibers like silk and wool into countless intricate patterns. The result: a unique, soulful art piece.

Flat-woven rugs also have a charm of their own even though they're less tedious to make than hand-knotted rugs. These pieces can still brighten your room because of its carefully selected designs. One great feature of this rug is that it has the same design in the front and back. This means you can simply flip the rug over and retain its gorgeous design on both sides.

For more affordable alternatives to hand-knotted and flat-woven rugs, you can opt for power-loomed or machine-loomed rugs. These pieces combine natural and synthetic fibers and tend to be more common in commercial spaces. However, regardless of the price, any type of rug can still add beauty and comfort to any space.

Colors and Decorating Tips

Proper rug design and placement can make a huge difference in your space. So when decorating your room, strike a balance between your rug and the other design elements present.

First, consider your decor, furniture, and other furnishings. It's important to keep in mind the amount, colors, shapes, and textures of these items when selecting and positioning your rug.

If you only have a few items on display in your living room, you can place a patterned rug in the center as a standout piece. You can also choose a rug that matches the shape of your furniture. For example, round area rugs can complement the shape of your circular coffee table, just as a large rectangular rug is a good match for standard dining tables.

It's also important to choose a rug that matches the color and ambiance of your space. For example, you can add a pop of color to your neutral-toned rooms with a vibrant red or orange Persian rug. Meanwhile, if you have a colorful room, a muted distressed rug can help balance out all the color. You can also change the colors depending on the seasons.

You also have to consider the size and type of space to ensure proper rug placement. For example, smaller spaces can benefit from a larger rug. Since it covers a wider area, it creates the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is. Meanwhile, it's best to use multiple rugs for open spaces. You can separate the living room from the dining area using a rug, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy area rugs in West University Place, TX?

If you're looking for area rugs, purchase one at Cyrus Artisan Rugs today. We have an extensive range of area rugs for collectors and enthusiasts in West University Place, TX. You can visit our showroom at Bloomington to view our rug designs. Let us know what rug you need and we'd be happy to discuss the options available.

Do you offer a rug rental service in West University Place, TX?

Yes, Cyrus Artisan Rugs provide a rug rental service if you're looking for temporary rugs. We offer this service for photographers, realtors, set designers, and other professionals who are in immediate need of rugs. Contact us if you wish to rent a rug for your occasion and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

How often should I clean my area rugs?

We recommend vacuuming your area rug at least twice a week. For rugs with heavy foot traffic, like those placed in the living room, you'll have to clean them more often. Frequent cleaning helps get rid of the dirt, dust, and other particles that have accumulated in your rug.

If you're not sure how to clean your rug, it's best to leave it to a professional. Feel free to call us: we offer professional rug cleaning services and use state-of-the-art technology. In just 10 days, you can pick up your freshly cleaned rugs.

How can I get wrinkles out of my area rug?

You can smoothen the surface of your area rug using a steam iron. Begin by switching your iron to a steam setting. Then, place a damp towel on the wrinkled area of the rug and gently press the iron on the surface. Let it steam the creases or wrinkles for a couple of minutes. After this, your area rug will become smooth as new.

How should I store my rugs?

After cleaning your rug, tightly roll it from the bottom to the top, width-wise. Then, wrap your rug in breathable paper and tie it with ribbons. Once done, store your area rug in a cool, dry environment and keep it away from heat. But even though your rugs are in storage, make sure you also check them at least once a month to see if it's still in good condition.

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