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When choosing a rug for a particular room, you need to consider the other elements present. The current décor, furniture, walls, floorings, and the overall ambiance should be taken into account.

Color psychology also plays a huge role in a redecoration project. For instance, if you're adding a rug in a family room or entertainment area, choose red because it adds energy. But if you're decorating a baby room or master's bedroom, choose blue to create a relaxing atmosphere.

After all, the color and design of the room can help influence the overall ambience and energy of your space.

If you're looking for rugs in Southlake, TX, look no further than Cyrus Artisan Rugs. We carry a wide selection of pieces ranging from black and white area rugs for your hallways to round area rugs for your coffee nook.

Additionally, we have different woven rugs available to accommodate your budget. In particular, our most affordable pieces are machine-loomed rugs. Despite their price, they're still exquisite enough to beautify your space. But our most luxurious items are hand-crafted rugs, which are made from high-quality materials and have intricate patterns.

These pieces are made by award-winning and internationally recognized names and brands. Thomas O'Brien, Ralph Lauren, and Erbil Tezcan are just some of these designers.

Rug collectors and enthusiasts from Southlake, TX will surely enjoy our comprehensive selection. Shop with us today.

Our Rug Types and Styles

Our rugs come in four different styles: tribal, traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

Tribal rugs were originally made by nomadic and semi-nomadic weavers from Iran, Turkey, Morocco, and Afghanistan. They feature unique symbols that reflect tribal art and culture.

Thus, tribal rugs are often added in modern-themed spaces to create a space that merges the past with the present. The result is a perfect mixture of rural and avant-garde. People usually favor tribal rugs with a neutral palette as they can almost blend seamlessly with any room.

Traditional rugs are different because they exude more energy because of their Persian and Oriental origins. These pieces often have distinct borders and feature vibrant colors.

Traditional rugs shine when paired with neutral hues, warm wood, and bronze décor. Moreover, if your room has luxurious items like chandeliers, still-life paintings, and furniture with curved edges, it could make the piece stand out more.

As such, these rugs are often positioned in living rooms and entertainment areas to energize the space. After all, they can spark more conversations and make the overall mood lighter.

Then you have contemporary rugs that are the complete opposite of tribal and traditional rugs. These types have modern designs and look fun, playful, or romantic.

Usually, these pieces have cube-like patterns, geometric shapes, or retro designs. They may have a single subject like a vase or a flower, for example. Thus, some may choose to hang these rugs on the wall rather than the floors to showcase their full design.

Lastly, we have transitional rugs that carry elements from traditional and contemporary pieces. This sort of hybrid design makes it great for any home. Enjoy the playful design of contemporary rugs while taking advantage of their luxurious appeal.

Transitional rugs are great for minimalist rooms with simple curtains and clean white furniture, for example. If the room you're decorating is a nursery or reading area, add a transitional area for a sense of peacefulness.

Rug Brands and Designers

Our collection includes pieces from well-known names in the industry who continue to push the boundaries of rug design to new heights. One example is Clodagh, a designer who centers her design theory on nature.

One of her many favored pieces combines fine wool with earthy hemp to breathe new life into the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Clodagh's goal is to use interior design to create a healing effect.

Barbara Barry is another designer who takes her inspiration from nature. Unlike Clodagh, however, her vision comes from flower fields and the majestic beauty of celestial bodies. Barry is a fan of gradation — of the subtle change from one color to another — because she believes it can bring calmness to the human mind. Her pieces truly evoke the appeal of the coast thanks to her monochromatic approach.

Erbil Tezcan also bases his pieces on nature. However, unlike Barry and Clodagh, his design is taken from nature photography.

One of his most celebrated pieces is called Divine, which was inspired by a photo of a stream and some vegetation. He translated the composition into a red and gold theme that reminds the viewer of autumn.

Another piece that received the prestigious Best Modern Design, Deluxe Rug award is called Summit. The rug was inspired by a photograph of capsized boats frozen in ice. Tezcan turned the photo upside down and translated it into a mountainous landscape.

Cyrus Rugs also carries pieces made by Ralph Lauren. Lauren centers his design on simplicity above everything else. His main goal is for rug owners to feel right at home.

His inspiration comes from his imagination mixed with classical design. The resulting pieces are a blend of the old and the new, combining both elements into one.

Other designers included in our Southlake, TX collection are:

  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Mark Pollack
  • Thomas O'Brien

Besides these big names in the interior design industry, we also have pieces from celebrated brands. These include Safavieh, Jaipur Living, Nourison, and our very Cyrus Artisan Rugs.

Our wide selection means we cover a lot of pieces that might interest you. Whether you're looking for square area rugs or black and white area rugs, our inventory has everything you need.

Here are other brands included in our collection:

  • Lapchi
  • Nourison
  • Tamarian
  • Tufenkian
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Kalaty
  • Samad
  • Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Loloi Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

Our Southlake, TX rug branch includes hand-woven and machine-made pieces. These are the most common weaves in our inventory:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-loomed
  • Hand-tufted
  • Power-loomed
  • Machine-loomed

If you're on a budget, our power-loomed and machine-loomed rugs are our most affordable pieces as they can be made a lot faster. They are made of synthetic fibers or natural materials.

Next, we have flat-woven rugs, which are a bit pricier but have a more elegant design. These rugs are woven on a loom and have no visible knots. You can turn the piece over and it will still have the same design.

And then we have hand-knotted rugs that are our most expensive and luxurious pieces. Their price is due to the complexity of their creation. They have thousands or millions of knots tied to a single foundation that make the design and material stand out.

Colors and Decorating Tips

When you're selecting a piece from our Southlake, TX collection, you'll need to take several factors into account. One of these is the room itself.

As mentioned earlier, choose a rug color that's vibrant and energetic like red or orange for entertainment areas like the family room or living room. If it's for relaxing spaces like a library or the bedroom, choose a more mellow color like blue.

For areas that already have a monochromatic design, add rugs that have vibrant colors to inject more personality to the space. Conversely, if the room is already bright and colorful, adding a black and white area rug could help lessen the visual noise.

Moreover, you'd want to consider the size of the rug. For instance, when adding a round area rug in a living room, make sure it's big enough to touch all the furniture. This physical connection creates a sense of cohesion that ties the room together.

Another example is when placing a square area rug in the dining room. A good rule to follow here is that the rug should be big enough to accommodate the table and all the chairs. What's more, the chairs should still sit on top of the rug even when they've been pulled away from the table.

Rugs can also function as visual pathways for hallways. They'll draw the eye from one room to another. You can even extend the visual pathway by placing a similar rug to the connecting room.

For large open spaces, use rugs as the visual anchor for your furniture. As mentioned earlier, the rug should touch all the furniture in that area. The cohesiveness will create a defined zone in your large room.

And of course, use rugs to create a personality for your space. A black and white area rug in your gaming room can help complement the color of your PC and console. A blue round area rug in your bedroom will create an “island” beside your bed where you can rest your feet. Meanwhile, a yellow square area rug in a dark-colored living room can lighten the area up, while also adding a “royal look” to the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy rugs in Southlake, TX?

We serve rug collectors and enthusiasts from Southlake, TX. Our extensive inventory suits a wide variety of personal tastes. Simply drop us a line and tell our staff what rugs you need. We'll be more than happy to assist you. Or you can visit our Bloomington showroom to see the pieces in person.

Do you offer a trial period for your rugs?

Yes. Cyrus Rugs offers a “Try Before You Buy Program.” You can take home sample swatches to decide if the size, color, and design fit your space.

Do you offer a rug rental service?

Yes, we serve realtors, photographers, set designers, and other professionals who need a temporary rug. Tell us what kind of rug you need and we'll reserve the piece on your chosen date.

How often should I clean my rug?

Generally, you should vacuum your rug twice a week to prevent dust buildup. But if the rug is placed in an area with high foot traffic like hallways and dining room, increase the frequency to three times a week.

If you have pets inside your house, clean your rugs every day. Hair and dander can easily collect in the pile that could attract insects like dust mites. You may also have your rugs cleaned by professionals every 12 to 18 months to extend their longevity.

Do you offer rug cleaning services?

Yes, Cyrus Rugs provides professional rug cleaning services. Our experts use proven techniques and high-end cleaning equipment to remove deep-seated dirt in your rug's fibers.

Our professional cleaners will start by examining your rug for any stains and damage. Once finished, we'll soak your rug in pH-balanced water and a special solution. Finally, we'll perform a final rinse and place your rug in a drying room with controlled climate technology.

How do I get wrinkles out of my rug?

Put a damp towel on the wrinkled area and switch to your iron's steam setting. Iron the rug against the damp towel firmly but quickly to avoid burning the towel and material underneath.

If your rug has a longer pile, spray the area to soften out the wrinkles. Use your blower set at low heat and direct it at wrinkles on your rug.

How do I store my rugs safely?

Always clean your rugs before storing them. Once done, roll them tightly and wrap with plastic or fabric. This will protect your rug against moths and other insects. Then, store your rug in an elevated area to avoid spilling liquid over them. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on top as this will wrinkle its material.

Lastly, clean your rug at least once a month to prevent any damage or the dust from building up.

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