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If you want to enhance your space's aesthetic, you can never go wrong with luxury rugs. It doesn't matter if the room you're decorating has a minimalist or modern theme; a rug will always complement these elements. But it's best to ensure you follow basic interior design rules.

Rugs are more than just a decoration for your home–they also provide comfort, lessen the risk of trips and falls, minimize noise, and add life to a designated play area for your kids.

If you're looking for rugs in Bronxville, NY, consider shopping at our Cyrus Artisan Rugs rug store. Our extensive collection guarantees you'll find the perfect carpet for your home. Among the pieces in our inventory are tribal, traditional, contemporary, transitional, and one-of-a-kind rugs. All of these are made by well-known brands and award-winning designers.

Do you wish to see our collection personally? Then you can visit our showroom in Bloomington. Otherwise, browse our online store to see which rug works best for your lovely home. Perhaps you're into bespoke rugs or antique rugs. Whatever the case, Cyrus Rugs has your needs covered. Shop with us today and spruce up your living space.

Our Rug Types and Styles

There are eight types of rugs in the Cyrus Rug collection: tribal, traditional, contemporary, transitional, solid, stripe, Southwest, and one-of-a-kind rugs.

Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs come from nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes in Turkey, Caucasus, and Afghanistan. This carpet style's appeal comes from its symbolic meaning and shared stories.

Tribal rugs are often seen in modern-themed houses since they can merge past and present design elements. A good example is a gaming room with a beige tribal handmade rug to soften the state-of-the-art aesthetics.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs include Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and other carpets originating from classical royalty eras. They often have bold colors, intricate designs, and borders to accentuate their elegance.

Traditional rugs work well when paired with warm wood and bronze décor. A leather couch, lighting accessories, and still-life paintings can all come together to enhance a room's sophisticated atmosphere.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs break away from the established design of tribal and traditional carpets. You can quickly identify a modern rug thanks to its typically avant-garde presentation. Retro-inspired black and white area rugs in studio apartments are a good example.

Since these rugs have a playful and romantic look, interior designers sometimes opt to hang them on a wall. When they decide to adorn the floors with these pieces, they're paired with furniture pieces like ornate tables and couches to create a unique composition.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs merge elements from traditional and contemporary carpets. For instance, transitional designer rugs may embody a modern look but feature intricate embroidery.

You'll often see transitional rugs with neutral colors or less contrasting shades with a subtle charm. As such, they fit best in rooms where relaxation is encouraged. Some great examples are a nursery or home library with simple curtains, abundant lighting, and airy windows.

Solid Rugs

Our solid texture rugs will be your best choice for hallways and dining areas with consistent foot traffic. These bespoke area rugs have sturdy materials tightly woven to withstand heavy use.

Stripe Rugs

We also have stripe rugs that are perfect for rooms with limited space. Lines create an optical illusion that makes a room look bigger. For instance, a round area rug with stripes can expand the room's area when placed in a cramped bedroom.

Southwest Rugs

Our southwest rugs are for you if you're into bold colors and intricate designs. They feature historical patterns and are intricate weaves. Southwest bedroom area rugs with Native American motifs are perfect for anyone who wants to infuse their space with a unique tribal charm. Place these rugs in cabins or the patio, and you'll immediately notice their aesthetic appeal.

One-of-a-Kind Rugs

Our one-of-a-kind rugs are for those who want a piece they won't find anywhere else. After all, they have an unmatched beauty you won't find anywhere else. Once you purchase a one-of-a-kind luxury area rug of this type, you'll have the only one in existence. The design may vary depending on construction; for example, some could have rich colors and bold patterns while others have neutral shades with simple compositions.

Rug Brands and Designers

Our Bronxville, NY rug collection includes carpets made by award-winning designers. These pieces can have an elegant charm or a graceful simplicity, depending on the background and personality of the creator.

If you're into natural beauty, then we recommend Barbara Barry. Natural patterns often inspire, from ocean coastlines and flower fields to the majesty of the Milky Way.

Barry's rugs feature a single color in different shades. For example, a square area rug may have peanut, caramel, and cinnamon colors. Or a luxury area rug may have crimson, candy, and berry. These monochrome colors reflect gradation, and Barry believes it can calm the human mind.

Then we have Erbil Tezcan, who takes inspiration from photography or nature and reinterprets the design unto a piece. His designs are so captivating that the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. displayed his interpretation of 23 traditional Afghani motifs in its museum for nearly two years.

He's also fond of collaborating with other artists, like abstract painter Bryan Debreuiel. The partnership resulted in the rug called The Beautiful People.

Just like Tezcan, Kevin Walz is also a gifted rug designer. He has a background in fine arts and a passion for design. He was included in the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1994, and his name appeared on the Metropolitan Home Design 100 Hall of Fame three years later.

Walz's inspiration can sometimes come from the past and incorporate various cultural elements. And they can be forward, subtle, elegant, and exotic.

Meanwhile, Jenny Jones is known for her designer rugs, sometimes called “Art on the Floor.” Her pieces tell stories and impact people emotionally. These stories are rooted in her life and creative passion, and she uses the canvas to retell her personal experience over 25 years.

Here are other designers in our inventory:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • James Tufenkian
  • Thomas O'Brien
  • Kavi
  • Mark Pollack
  • Clodagh

Apart from these virtuosos, our Bronxville NY rug collection includes pieces from renowned brands like Loloi Rugs, Nourison, and our own Cyrus Artisan Rugs.

Loloi Rugs are one of the leading companies that offer hand-crafted rugs. The brand's main philosophy is “creating designs for particular people, by particular people.” You can shop for antique rugs, contemporary carpets, and more at Loloi.

Nourison is best known for its mastery of custom rugs, using the broadloom to create luxurious and fashionable pieces. For top-quality custom pieces, choose Nourison.

These are our other rug partners:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Safavieh
  • Lapchi
  • Tamarian
  • Tufenkian
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Samad
  • Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

The rugs in our collection have the following weaves:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-loomed
  • Hand-tufted
  • Power-loomed
  • Machine-loomed

You'll love our machine- and power-loomed rugs if you're on a budget. They're made of synthetic fibers and natural materials that give them an elegant look. Meanwhile, our flat-woven rugs are made with low-density fibers, making them easier to move, clean, and decorate.

Our hand-knotted pieces are for you if you want our most exquisite luxury area rugs. Their design is second to none, and their materials are of the highest quality. They're also highly durable and would last decades if properly cared for.

Color and Decorating Tips

You'd do well to follow color psychology when choosing a carpet since these principles govern the room's overall aesthetics to elicit the desired emotion from your guests.

For living rooms, red square area rugs are always a winner. Red is the color of passion and energy, so red rugs can invigorate a room's atmosphere and motivate guests to start a conversation.

Conversely, blue area rugs are perfect for bedrooms as this color is associated with relaxation. The specific shades you're looking for are sky blue or powder blue. If you're decorating an office or business space, navy blue or royal blue is the way to go, as they invoke a sense of trust and loyalty.

You also want to pay attention to the size of the room. Avoid placing square area rugs in small spaces so your space doesn't feel cramped. Instead, settle for round area rugs. For larger areas like the living room, square area rugs are best, and make sure they touch all corners of furniture to create a cohesive look.

Finally, don't be afraid to mix different elements. If your room has a minimalist design, opt for a piece with bold colors and intricate patterns to break the monotonous presentation. If the room already has a vibrant atmosphere, lessen the visual noise with neutral-colored rugs.

Companies and Homes Served in Bronxville, NY

We cater to homes and businesses looking for rugs in Bronxville, NY. Our collection is vast, so we guarantee that you'll have the best carpets for your space.

Bronxville, NY is home to the Bronxville Public Library, Bronxville Village Hall, and Bronxville High School Counseling Department. Thriving businesses in the area include Bronxville Diner, CookiesNCream, and The Urban Hamlet.

If you're interested in seeing our rugs in person, our showroom is located in Bloomington. Otherwise, you can visit our site to browse our inventory. When you find the perfect rug, complete the purchase, and we'll deliver the piece straight to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy rugs in Bronxville, NY?

Visit our Cyrus Artisan Rugs website and browse our collection. We have rugs from award-winning designers like Ralph Lauren, Erbil Tezcan, and James Tufenkian. We also carry pieces from well-known brands like Lapchi and Jaipur Living. Browse our site today or drop by our Bloomington showroom.

Do you have a trial period for your rugs?

Yes. We have a “Try Before You Buy Program” that allows you to bring home a sample swatch. You can place this rug in your house to see if it matches the interior décor. If not, return the swatch, and we'll provide you with another one. We'll keep working with you until you find the perfect piece.

Do you have a rug rental service?

Yes. We often collaborate with realtors, photographers, and set designers. Event organizers would also rent our rugs for birthdays, weddings, christenings, and other special gatherings.

Are you interested in our rug rental service? Call us in advance, and we'll reserve the rug of your choice. Reach out today.

How often should I clean my rugs?

The general rule is to vacuum your rugs twice a week. For carpets in high-traffic areas, increase the frequency three times a week.

If you have household pets, vacuum your rugs daily. Hair and dander will quickly accumulate in the pile which can attract insects and causes allergic reactions.

Do you have a rug cleaning service?

Yes. Cyrus Artisan Rugs employs professionals who are veterans in the rug cleaning industry. We can revert your rugs to their previous glory using our tried-and-tested method.

We'll start by evaluating your rug for any damages and provide the necessary repairs. If there are none, the cleaning procedure will commence.

We'll first soak your rug in pH-balanced water and our special solution. Then we'll gently and thoroughly scrub the rug to remove deep-seated dirt. After that, we'll rinse and dry the piece using state-of-the-art technology.

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