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Adorning your home with exquisite area rugs sold in Ladue, MO, brings it to a world of timeless elegance and contemporary charm. If you’re after a touch of these qualities, Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a vast area rug selection for the different rooms in your home.

Our inventory carries eight distinct rug styles, including modern rugs that seamlessly blend boundary-pushing creativity and tradition. As a result, your home gets a fresh burst of life and energy. Additionally, we offer antique, one-of-a-kind, vintage, and Moroccan rugs to help change how your room looks and feels. These luxury rug styles and types come in various colors, designs, sizes, and shapes to create stylish and lively spaces.

If your space needs more than standard rug designs, we have custom rugs catering to your style. Our bespoke area rug program lets you craft a rug in your preferred color, design, material, size, and shape, ensuring your home reflects your creative vision.

Furthermore, our rugs for homes in Ladue, MO, are crafted from the best materials and weaving techniques. Our store and its partners work with reputable suppliers and master artisans to give you the finest area rugs for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas you want to decorate.

As a premier rug store for homeowners in Ladue, MO, Cyrus Artisan Rugs hands you the key to transforming your living spaces into showcases of comfort and luxury. Whether you're after the perfect accent for your existing decor or making a statement with a stunning rug, our curated collection has the perfect rug for your home.

Discover how an area rug’s incredible artistry and design can make your living space more sophisticated, comfortable, and welcoming. Our showroom in Bloomington, MN, and our online store invite you to find a rug that best complements your home’s look and ambiance.

Modern Rugs for a Contemporary Touch

Our curated contemporary area rug selection stands out with its balance of creative designs, fascinating motifs, and color palettes speaking to a homeowner’s discerning taste.

Exploring our modern rug selection lets you enter a world where artistry meets functionality. Beyond protecting your floors from damage, these rugs define your home with unique statements of style. Our contemporary area rugs for living spaces in Ladue, MO, showcase distinct designs ranging from clean lines to abstract motifs, allowing you to express your personality.

Modern rugs also come in a variety of colors. For example, black and white rugs can command everyone’s attention and lend a touch of simplicity to your space. You can also choose rugs in a brighter tone, like blue rugs for added tranquility, or buy contemporary rugs in muted neutrals and organic-inspired designs to enhance your home.

Our rug store for customers in Ladue, MO, welcomes those seeking modern area rugs that capture their unique styles and create cohesive spaces. Our contemporary area rug collection appeals to every taste and vision, whether you’re after muted tones for a simpler look or bold tones to make a statement.

Turn Your Artistic Vision Into Reality with Custom Rugs

Rugs are another excellent outlet for creative homeowners, and our custom area rug program becomes their opportunity to breathe life into their artistic visions.

Bespoke rugs attract homeowners with an eye for detail and a desire to create truly one-of-a-kind spaces. These area rugs go beyond common rug designs, as they’re tailored expressions of individuality that complement a room’s style. We offer numerous color, design, material, and size options for custom rugs, allowing you to craft a rug that seamlessly fits into specific interior design styles or serves as the focal point of a room.

Furthermore, custom area rugs are great for rooms requiring more than standard rug sizes or with a different layout or dimensions. You can schedule a consultation with one of our bespoke rug experts at our Bloomington showroom to ensure your rug complements your interior and taste. Here, our staff uses design software to create your rug’s initial design with your specifications and adjust it accordingly.

After adjusting the collaborative blueprint, a strike-off in your preferred color, design, material, and size is made and adjusted to your specifications. The finalized design is sent to our master weavers, who will turn it into a fine-quality area rug.

Handmade Rugs: Historical Masterpieces for Your Home

Our handmade area rug collection showcases exceptional artistry and quality rooted in precision and passion. It includes hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs born out of time-honored weaving techniques.

Master artisans craft handmade area rugs with knots and weaves, speaking to the cultural heritage and artistry behind them. These rugs depict historical narratives, reflecting the stories, symbols, and techniques unique to their originating communities and nations.

Our handmade area rugs are made with distinct weaving techniques. Hand-knotted rugs result from a labor-intensive process, starting from carding and spinning materials to washing the rug. Weavers tie yarn to the warp (the vertical threads of the rug) and a horizontal metal rod with the Tibetan knot to craft these area rugs.

On the other hand, hand-woven rugs or flatweaves are made like a basket. Their front and back sections look the same, leading to a reversible form. Moreover, you’ll see no piles or knots on hand-woven area rugs. The creative process behind these handmade rugs involves fewer, simpler steps, making them a more affordable option than hand-knotted area rugs.

When you buy a handmade area rug, you help preserve the artistry poured into this stunning masterpiece. It’s a commitment to quality and an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate cultural diversity.

Handmade rugs stay timeless in today’s era of mass production, connecting us to their cultural roots and the traditions that influenced their creation. Also, you invest in authenticity when you purchase a handmade area rug. It helps dedicated artisans continue their craft and keeps cultural legacies alive.

Designer Rugs From Renowned Creatives

If you’re after luxury and style, designer area rugs infuse these elements into your home. These rug styles embody sophistication and remarkable design, with thorough care and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

At our rug store for customers in Ladue, MO, you’ll find designer area rugs from renowned creative minds such as:

  • Barbara Barry
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Vicente Wolf

Creating luxury rugs transcends functionality, marrying it with innovation and requiring a keen eye for detail. Our partner designers collaborate with skilled artisans to produce rugs with unique patterns, luxurious materials, and fresh ideas. As a result, designer area rugs define spaces while adding a sense of grandeur and elegance to them.

Designer rugs have become popular with homeowners because they transform interiors into curated masterpieces. Buyers are drawn to the exclusivity and prestige of these area rug styles, making them investments in style and status. In turn, our luxury rugs bring creative visions and exceptional artistry together to elevate your living space.

Give Your Home a Distinct Character with Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan area rugs have attracted homeowners with their fascinating charm, highlighting a vibrant culture and timeless appeal. These handcrafted treasures combine tradition and modern design, giving them a distinct style that transcends borders.

Master artisans hand-knot or weave Moroccan rugs with meticulous attention. Traditional Berber symbols and geometric motifs make these area rugs truly special, as they reflect Morocco’s rich history and culture. Moreover, weavers use the finest natural fibers, including wool, to craft more durable rugs with a luxurious texture and a sense of warmth lent to living spaces.

Our Moroccan-style rugs are also versatile, with their designs effortlessly complementing different interior styles, from bohemian to contemporary. Ultimately, they make your interior look more striking. And with exceptional durability, Moroccan rugs can last through the years, making them a wise investment if you’re after style and substance.

The Moroccan-style rugs in our luxury rug selection bring the spirit of the Atlas Mountains to your home. You can choose your rug between pieces from our private label collection and partner brands, each bearing the symbolic motifs of Moroccan communities.

Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs: Historic Works of Art

Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs are another staple of our vast rug selection. These rugs have a timeless charm, taking you on a journey through time and culture.

Our Oriental and Persian rugs are woven with time-honored techniques, each telling a tale that transcends borders and generations. Oriental area rugs from several rug-producing Asian countries are known for their detailed designs and meticulous artistry. These rugs often showcase motifs and designs that express the traditions and beliefs of their originating nations, from a Turkish rug’s decorated elegance to an Afghan rug’s bold geometric designs.

Meanwhile, Persian rugs from Iran are renowned for their unparalleled and intricate artistry. Each rug recounts stories of its weavers through motifs and colors that represent elements of Persian culture and history. From Qom’s luxurious silk rugs to Isfahan’s classical designs, Persian area rugs are prized for their beauty, durability, and cultural significance.

Antique rugs carry centuries of history, creating a patina that adds to their appeal. They’re artifacts that give you a glimpse into the incredible creativity and design they showcase. By adorning your home with these area rugs, you invest in history and art.

Rug Styling & Selection Tips for Your Home

Whether you’re decorating your home with traditional, modern, antique, or custom rugs, proper rug styling and selection create a cohesive and lively space. Here are some tips when choosing and placing area rugs in your home.

  • Place modern rugs partially under furniture to anchor a specific area and give it a contemporary touch.
  • Consider your room’s color scheme when selecting rug colors. Neutral tones work well in areas with subtle patterns in their decor, while striking, contrasting color palettes add life and energy to any space.
  • Complement modern interior designs with rugs highlighting geometric or abstract motifs for added flair.
  • When decorating areas with traditional decor, choose antique rugs in warm, earthy tones.
  • Experiment with custom area rug sizes, colors, and patterns until you find the perfect match for your room’s size and your specific style. 

Homes & Companies Served in Ladue, MO

From its Bloomington showroom and online store, Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers premium-quality area rugs to customers in Ladue, MO. This affluent suburb within St. Louis houses notable landmarks and attractions such as:

  • Truffle Restaurant
  • Sportsman’s Park Restaurant and Bar
  • Local stores like The Woman’s Exchange and Mandel’s Jewelry
  • Large retailers, including Target, Whole Foods, REI, and Trader Joe’s

Furthermore, Ladue lies near St. Louis’s prominent Fortune 500 companies in Centene, Emerson Electric, the Reinsurance Group of America, Edward Jones, Graybar Electric, Olin, and Ameren. These firms add to the area's dynamic and thriving business landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How do I clean area rugs at home?

Clean area rugs at home by vacuuming them often to remove dirt, dust, and other damaging debris. Vacuum pre-made or custom rugs on a low-suction setting and without a beater bar to prevent damage.

As for spills on area rugs, blot them gently with a clean cloth and spot-clean them using the appropriate cleaning solution.

Can I clean handmade rugs without expert help?

You can clean handmade area rugs without expert help, but we recommend hiring professional cleaners to deep-clean these rugs.

Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs require specialized care since they’re made from delicate materials. If your handmade area rug needs deep cleaning, contact our Bloomington showroom to schedule expert cleaning.

How do I store luxury rugs after using them?

After using luxury area rugs, store them in a cool, dry place. Clean your rug thoroughly and let it dry, then roll it inward to prevent creases. Place the rolled designer rug in a protective bag, or wrap it in breathable material for less dirt and fewer odors.

Can I clean an antique, Oriental, or Persian rug myself?

You can clean an antique, Oriental, or Persian area rug yourself with the right cleaning materials. However, these luxury rugs require thorough care, so we recommend having them professionally cleaned to maintain their intricate designs. Our rug store offers expert rug cleaning and maintenance services to customers in Ladue, MO.

How do I care for custom rugs?

How you care for custom area rugs depends on their materials and weaving techniques. Still, it’s important to vacuum these rugs frequently and hire professionals to clean them when needed.

Also, rotate a bespoke rug for even wear, and don’t expose it to sunlight to prevent fading.

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