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When buying area rugs, it’s best to find a reputable rug store with premium-quality pieces for homes in Maryland. Cyrus Artisan Rugs curates and offers finely crafted rugs to transform your home into a cozier, more stylish, and more inviting haven.

Shopping at our showroom in Bloomington, MN, or our online store lets you choose the perfect rug from a vast selection of designs and types. The rug styles we offer include:

  • Contemporary rugs with uniquely creative motifs
  • Traditional rugs made from time-honored handiwork
  • Transitional rugs that combine modern and traditional motifs
  • Tribal rugs with symbolic motifs from their originating communities
  • Solid rugs to highlight simplicity in your room
  • Striped rugs for added personality and life
  • Southwest rugs to evoke the spirit of the American Southwest

Furthermore, you’ll find antique, vintage distressed, and Moroccan-style rugs to place in any room or corner of your home. All rug styles and types in our vast artisan rug selection are available in multiple colors, designs, materials, shapes, and sizes.

Along with our pre-made rugs, we invite customers to turn their artistic visions into meticulously crafted custom rugs. Our store will be your partner in creating personalized, distinctive spaces within your humble abode. When you join our bespoke rug program, you’ll work with our expert staff and master weavers to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Whether you seek contemporary style, timeless designs, or unique creations, Cyrus Artisan Rugs commits itself to offering the finest area rugs for homes in Maryland. Immerse yourself in the world of excellent artistry, and let our rugs breathe new life into your living space.

Elevate Your Living Space with Premium Modern Rugs

Exploring our contemporary area rug collection gives you pieces reflecting the latest design trends, offering you a wide range of colors and motifs to suit your particular style.

Most homeowners prefer bold geometric patterns, sleek lines, and creative designs that redefine their interiors. But if you lean toward simplicity, other modern rugs have more subtle designs to complement minimalistic interiors. Some rugs even put a more contemporary twist on traditional motifs.

As for colors, our modern area rugs come in an extensive color spectrum, from subdued neutrals to vibrant tones. Each color has its advantages — for example, black and white contemporary rugs can make intriguing centerpieces, and blue rugs can infuse a sense of serenity into any area. Finally, muted neutrals can help modern area rugs blend seamlessly with your interior.

Pour Your Creativity Into Custom Rugs

Bespoke area rugs signify personalized luxury, and our rug store for customers in Maryland gives you the key to unlocking this world of unique elegance. Our custom rugs cater to your unique preferences, allowing them to redefine the very essence of home décor.

If you want to fill a space with your creative vision, our bespoke area rug program allows you to turn that ambition into reality. A custom rug’s appeal lies in the freedom to choose the perfect color, design, material, shape, and size, crafting a piece aligned with your distinct style and desired ambiance in your home.

Sometimes, standard rugs fall short of meeting your specific requirements. This is where bespoke area rugs come in, working best in unconventional room designs or layouts, unique color schemes, or when you want to make a statement in your decor. As a rug store aiming to exceed customer expectations, we collaborate with clients to ensure their artistic visions are seamlessly incorporated into their custom rugs.

Here’s how our bespoke rug program works:

  1. You meet with one of our expert staff members at our Bloomington showroom to discuss your rug’s specifications.
  2. An initial design is created and adjusted when necessary.
  3. A strike-off is made from the adjusted design. It’s a swatch in the same color, material, pattern, shape, and size as your rug’s specifications.
  4. The strike-off is adjusted according to your suggestions.
  5. We send the final design to our master artisans, who’ll craft your custom rug.

Find Handmade Rugs with Excellent Artistry

When you adorn your home with one of our handmade area rugs, you step into a world of timeless handiwork and cultural heritage. These rugs are made with immense artistry and dedication, resulting in meticulously crafted masterpieces.

Making handmade rugs is an art form in itself, involving meticulous attention to detail and expressing the weaver’s culture and beliefs. Skilled artisans carefully hand-knot or weave each thread to craft rugs with a human touch and exceptional artistry. This laborious process adds distinct character to each rug, making it durable enough to be considered a prized heirloom.

At Cyrus Artisan Rugs, our commitment goes beyond offering you exquisite hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs. We also believe preserving the cultures and traditions behind these rug styles is extremely important, as they carry the rich history and artistic expression of their originating communities. Buying handmade rugs helps sustain the traditional art of rug-making, protects the cultural legacy embedded in each intricately crafted piece, and lets you appreciate their artistry and historical significance.

Get Designer Rugs for Added Style & Elegance

Luxury area rugs bring a sense of sophistication to your home through premium materials and boundary-pushing creativity. Beyond adorning your floors, these rugs convey refined taste and unparalleled style.

Artistic vision and impeccable handiwork and production go into crafting designer rugs. Renowned designers visualize and create unique patterns, then work with master weavers or top brands to turn their designs into durable, stylish rugs. Each motif is complemented with suitable color combinations and materials, producing designer rugs that blend style and functionality.

Our luxury area rug collection includes rugs in the signature styles of these amazing creative minds:

  • Barbara Barry
  • Clodagh
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • Gauri Khan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Mark Pollack
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Thomas O’Brien
  • Vicente Wolf

More than their distinct designs, designer rugs have become increasingly popular among those seeking exclusive, statement pieces for their homes. Their premium quality, immense prestige, and ability to become focal points convince homeowners to buy these rug styles. Ultimately, luxury rugs make your interior look more cohesive and elegant while marrying creativity and functionality.

Adorn Your Home with Fine-Quality Moroccan Rugs

Apart from modern, handmade, and designer area rugs, our rug store for homeowners in Maryland offers Moroccan-style rugs infused with the African nation’s spirit. These area rugs are often hand-knotted or woven, giving them patterns and designs inspired by the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, and the lively atmosphere of Moroccan cities. Moreover, high-quality natural materials and various colors, including natural dyes, add to each rug’s distinct character and authenticity.

The advantages of owning Moroccan rugs extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. Since these rugs are crafted from natural fibers, they can endure prolonged use, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Furthermore, a Moroccan area rug’s plush, dense pile offers a luxurious underfoot for a cozier space, and its designs can blend well into various interior styles. This rug style gives your home a touch of global allure and authenticity, and it can impress your guests with visual tales of Moroccan tradition and artistry.

Highlight the Heritage Behind Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs

Decorating your home with Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs takes you on a journey through time and tradition. These rugs showcase the rich history and artistry that define their origins.

Oriental rugs are handmade area rugs from several East Asian regions, including China, India, Nepal, Persia, and Turkey. Each rug has intricate patterns and symbolic motifs, weaving together stories of cultural heritage. As for Persian rugs, they’re made in Iran and renowned for their meticulous handiwork, detailed designs, and vibrant colors.

Both rug styles highlight the exceptional artistry and cultural narratives embedded in each fiber through their motifs. For example, Persian rugs come in designs influenced by the country’s regions and their long-standing beliefs. You’ll see motifs such as flowers, medallions, and animals lining these rugs, each holding a certain meaning. As you walk on Oriental and Persian rugs in your home, you tread upon a woven tapestry of narratives spanning generations.

Finally, antique area rugs are considered as such when they age a century or more. They can be inherited by families or collected as treasured artifacts. Our antique rugs tell tales of the eras they’ve witnessed through worn textures and faded hues, giving them a timeless charm.

Companies & Homes Served in Brookmont, MD

Cyrus Artisan Rugs proudly serves homeowners and creative professionals in enchanting Brookmont, a census-designated and unincorporated area in Montgomery County. The community is often regarded as part of neighboring Bethesda, as it uses the latter’s 20816 zip code.

Situated near the picturesque Potomac River, Brookmont boasts scenic views and a serene ambiance, inspiring residents to choose the perfect rug for their homes. It is bordered by Goldsboro Road to the north, Massachusetts Avenue, Sangamore Road, MacArthur Boulevard to the east, and the Clara Barton Parkway to the west and south.

As for notable landmarks, visitors and residents can go to the historic Clara Barton National Historic Site in Glen Echo, where they learn about the life of the renowned nurse and founder of the American Red Cross. The nearby Glen Echo Park, an art and cultural center, also stands as a vibrant hub for creativity and recreation. It hosts 13 resident artists and organizations — two critically-acclaimed children’s theaters, a nature and aquatic life program for kids, a thriving social dance program, and other exciting activities.

Other noteworthy attractions beyond Brookmont include some of Bethesda’s best restaurants and shops, which are located within walking distance. The area’s diverse culinary experiences will make one gush, from sharing Spanish tapas at Jaleo to sampling Dolcezza’s gelato at Bethesda Row. Once the dining is done, everyone can shop at Apple, The North Face, LuluLemon, Lilly Pulitzer, or the community’s biggest Anthropologie & Co. store. And with Bethesda declared as one of Maryland’s Arts and Entertainment districts, there’s an Art Walk where art lovers visit a local exhibit, meet the artist, and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Finally, Brookmont’s location makes Bethesda and Washington, D.C., accessible to residents. Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin and Marriott International, government offices, and cultural institutions are within reach, making it an excellent starting point for both work and leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How do I clean a modern rug?

You clean a modern area rug by vacuuming and, sometimes, deep-cleaning it.

First, always vacuum the rug to loosen damaging debris. Set your vacuum cleaner to a low-suction mode when using it on your modern rug.

As for spot-cleaning, mix mild detergent and water, then apply it to your rug. Test the solution before use.

Can I vacuum a handmade rug?

Yes, you can vacuum a handmade area rug. Frequent vacuuming helps maintain the appearance of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs.

When vacuuming a handmade area rug, use a low-suction setting and clean the rug without a beater bar attachment. Vacuum from side to side or in the direction of the weft lines or nap.

How should I store an antique rug?

Store an antique area rug in a cool, dry, and dimly lit place. But before that, clean and dry the rug thoroughly, then roll it to prevent creases. You can pad acid-free paper between the folds while rolling the rug.

Finally, wrap your antique rug in breathable material or put it in a protective bag.

Do you offer maintenance services for designer area rugs?

Yes, our rug store offers professional maintenance services for designer area rugs to customers in Maryland. They include rug cleaning and repairs, all done at our Bloomington showroom.

If you want your luxury rug cleaned, the process is often completed in 10 days. See our rug cleaning guide for more information about our maintenance services.

What’s the best way to care for Oriental & Persian rugs?

The best ways to care for Oriental and Persian area rugs include:

  • Rotating them regularly for even, gradual wear
  • Keeping Oriental and Persian rugs away from direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Vacuuming these rugs on a low-suction setting
  • Blotting fresh spills immediately with a clean cloth (Tip: Blot gently to avoid permanent damage.)
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