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The Finest Area Rugs for Homes in Indian Hills, KY

The best rugs for homes in Indian Hills, KY, bring style, elegance, and comfort to living spaces. Your journey to achieve this goal starts at Cyrus Artisan Rugs, a premier rug store with a well-curated luxury area rug selection. We offer exquisite rugs from our private label collection and brand and designer partners in various colors, designs, materials, motifs, sizes, and shapes, giving you numerous options for your humble abode.

If you’re after a more contemporary style, our modern rugs marry boundary-pushing patterns with bold color palettes to redefine your home’s overall style. You can also purchase traditional and tribal rugs with designs made from time-honored weaving techniques or choose Southwest rugs to infuse the region’s spirit into any room. Other options include transitional rugs that combine traditional and contemporary styles, solid rugs for simple or minimalistic interiors, and striped rugs to add personality to your space.

Besides pre-made rugs, we have a custom rug program where you can craft a rug reflecting your uniqueness and taste. Our expert team works with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring your bespoke area rug becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that resonates with your home’s style and ambiance. Pre-programmed and custom rugs are made from premium natural fibers and top-quality synthetic materials for excellent durability and remarkable longevity.

We understand the importance of local charm and cultural influences. Our area rugs for homes in Indian Hills, KY, come in various designs and motifs to capture the community’s spirit and history, creating a welcoming and culturally vibrant atmosphere in your living space.

We’re also committed to giving you an unparalleled shopping experience. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you in finding and choosing the perfect rug to elevate your home. Exploring our showroom in Bloomington, MN, or browsing our online store transports you to a world of exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched quality.

Create a More Stylish Home with Modern Rugs

Many homeowners have discovered the transformative appeal of contemporary area rugs, which symbolize sophisticated design. These rugs serve as a canvas for self-expression, reflecting your distinct personality and taste.

Our rug store for homeowners in Indian Hills, KY, proudly offers a vast array of visually interesting and well-made modern area rugs, with designs ranging from geometric motifs to abstract patterns. Explore intricate motifs with intriguing stories behind them, choose bold, statement-making patterns exuding confidence, or go for contemporary rug designs with a fresh take on traditional styles. Whether you're drawn to striking asymmetry or subtle, simple lines, our modern area rugs cater to different design preferences, creating focal points that redefine your interior.

Color also sets the tone of your living space. If you want to create a tranquil sanctuary or inject much-needed energy into a monotonous corner, our contemporary rugs come in a kaleidoscope of hues. Serene neutrals help modern area rugs blend into any room, while vibrant tones make for livelier spaces. At our offline and online stores, you can dive into a world where color speaks volumes about your home's character.

Inject Your Artistic Vision Into Custom Rugs

Bespoke area rugs are another excellent outlet for self-expression, allowing you to weave your creativity into finely crafted rugs. Cyrus Artisan Rugs is delighted to offer a custom rug program to those seeking rugs with a personalized touch.

A bespoke area rug’s unmatched level of personalization draws homeowners to it. At our rug store for customers in Indian Hills, KY, we understand how each individual envisions their living space. Our custom area rugs are meticulously crafted to turn your ideas into tangible, breathtaking creations. From selecting the right material to choosing a color that suits your preference, every aspect of bespoke rugs is tailored to your discerning taste, ensuring a truly unique and exclusive masterpiece.

Every room is as individual as its owner, and custom area rugs are the key to harmonizing your decor with your home’s distinctive features. Whether you’re working with an unconventional room size or a specific design or looking for a rug to complement your current furnishings, our bespoke rugs highlight unparalleled artistry and make rooms look more cohesive.

Custom area rugs are more than mere decorative pieces; they can be timeless heirlooms that recount unique stories through their designs. Our expert staff and master artisans collaborate with you to bring your creative vision to a meticulously crafted rug, beginning with a design consultation at our Bloomington showroom. Every detail of your bespoke rug is considered in the creative process to make it captivating and durable.

Impress Guests with Finely Crafted Handmade Rugs

Beyond maintaining clean floors and complementing interior designs, our handmade area rugs represent time-honored handiwork upheld by generations of weavers. A meticulous process goes into these exquisite pieces, with skilled artisans expressing their rich histories and cultures through knots and weaves.

The Art of Hand-Knotted Rugs at a Glance

Hand-knotted area rugs, a pinnacle of artisanal excellence, are crafted with unparalleled precision. Every strand of wool, silk, or another natural fiber is individually tied around the warp threads, forming intricate patterns and designs.

This labor-intensive process creates beautiful rugs that bring a sense of authenticity and history to your home. Hand-knotting shows the artisan's dedication, making each rug a unique masterpiece.

Hand-Woven Rugs & How They’re Made

Our hand-woven area rugs also celebrate traditional handwork and artistry. Like their hand-knotted counterparts, these rugs are made on traditional looms but woven similarly to baskets. As a result, hand-woven rugs look the same on the front and back, meaning they can be placed with any side facing up.

The creative process behind these artisan rugs involves a rhythmic weaving of threads. In turn, you get a masterpiece to elevate your home’s look and mood while preserving the cultural heritage embedded into every fiber.

Our rug store for homeowners in Indian Hills, KY, believes that sustaining the cultures and traditions behind handmade area rugs is important.  These pieces narrate tales of their originating nations and communities, reflecting the unique heritage, artistry, and symbolism of their weavers. When you buy one of our handmade rugs, you choose to honor the creativity of skilled artisans, support their livelihoods, and preserve a time-honored art form.

Adorn Your Home with Designer Rugs in Unique Styles

Cyrus Artisan Rugs also offers luxury area rugs from renowned designers at its offline and online showrooms. Crafted with remarkable precision and from premium materials, these rugs redefine opulent living while combining artistry and functionality.

Our designer rugs are born from the visionary minds of our partner designers and made using the best weaving techniques. All designers start by choosing the perfect motifs and incorporating them into rug designs. Then, they work with master artisans to select the finest materials, creating high-quality and functional statements of luxury.

Designer area rugs have become more popular as more homeowners want to add a touch of exclusivity and refinement to their living spaces. Unlike mass-produced rugs, luxury rugs highlight artistry aligned with the buyer’s love of sophistication. Moreover, some rug brands sell unique, limited-edition designer area rugs, further increasing their popularity.

Beyond the reasons above, luxury rugs let homeowners express their personalities and tastes through various designs. They showcase the signature styles of distinguished designers such as Barbara Barry, Erbil Tezcan, James Tufenkian, Kavi, and Ralph Lauren, which you’ll find in our curated collection.

Finally, thorough craftsmanship and attention to detail give designer rugs their exceptional quality, making them long-lasting investments for your living space.

Get Moroccan Rugs for an Eclectic Touch

Our well-crafted Moroccan-style rugs take you to Morocco’s enchanting landscapes without leaving your humble abode. They’re windows into a world of tradition, artistry, and unparalleled charm, with centuries of handiwork and vast cultural richness inspiring their creation.

Moroccan area rugs highlight the traditional art of handmade rugs. Skilled artisans craft these rugs using traditional techniques for unique pieces with stories as distinct as them. High-quality natural fibers, like wool, are used to weave Moroccan rugs, giving them visually captivating designs and a soft underfoot. Furthermore, these materials make Moroccan-style rugs durable, ensuring they endure throughout the years.

A Moroccan rug’s charming motifs are one of its distinctive features, with geometric patterns, tribal symbols, and bold lines creating a visual tapestry that lends a distinctive touch to any room. Also, Moroccan area rugs can seamlessly blend in various decor styles, from bohemian and eclectic to modern and minimalist, allowing you to infuse global style into your home.

Showcase the Classic Beauty of Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is your gateway to the timeless charm of Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs. Each rug style recounts a tale of artistry, cultural significance, and lasting beauty, inviting you to discover the heritage woven into these magnificent pieces.

A Closer Look at the Allure of Oriental Rugs

Our Oriental area rugs are crafted in several East Asian countries, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and artistic traditions. The term "Oriental" includes a wide array of rug styles that showcase the unique heritage of their origins.

Intricate motifs, vibrant colors, and meticulous artistry set Oriental rugs apart from other area rug designs. More importantly, these rugs bring the East’s creativity into your home, injecting cultural richness and striking charm.

Persian Rugs: The Epitome of Timeless Beauty & Vibrant History

Persian area rugs, renowned for their unparalleled handiwork, carry Persia (now Iran)’s time-honored artistry. Each rug showcases detailed motifs, top-quality materials, and harmonious color combinations.

Most Persian rugs reflect the cultural and artistic influences of Persia’s multiple regions, including Isfahan, Tabriz, and Kashan. Furthermore, these rugs have symbolic motifs expressing the enduring legacy of Persian art and craftsmanship, transforming your home into a gallery of timeless beauty and rich history.

Antique Rugs: Enduring Treasures from Notable Eras

Lastly, antique area rugs bridge the past and present. These rugs have existed for over 100 years, bearing the patina of time.

Antique rugs infuse character and authenticity into your living space with each worn fiber. Owning these rugs is like possessing a piece of history, connecting you to past eras and letting you appreciate traditional artistry.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs give you profound insights into their originating cultures. They’re visual narratives of artistic expression, cultural symbols, and the passage of time. When you adorn your home with Oriental, Persian, or antique rugs, you enhance your decor and discover the rich history and traditions woven into each fiber.

Companies & Homes Served in Indian Hills, KY

Our rug store is a prime and trusted destination for discerning homeowners and creative professionals in charming Indian Hills. The community became the home of local Indian tribes, and a fort was constructed there during the early pioneer days. Moreover, it was named “Indian Hills” since many tribal people lived there.

When Irish-born John Veech came to the Falls of Ohio as a surveyor in 1785, he bought the 502-acre swathe of land with abundant bluegrass, orchard grass, and freshwater springs now known as Indian Hills. Then, in 1806, he constructed a cabin and a Georgian-style plantation house, giving way to the Indian Hill Stock Farm. The Veech family ran the farm for 118 years and across six generations, breeding trotting horses throughout the years.

In 1924, 300 acres of the Stock Farm were sold to a subdivision development syndicate. Frederick Law Olmsted’s Landscape Architecture Firm developed the purchased area, with most of its features increasing his popularity and naming him the “Father of Landscape Architecture.” The Indian Hills community now stands on this land, retaining the natural formation of the hills and their remarkable beauty. It also has curvy roads running along the landscape, which help maintain the area’s romantic atmosphere and beauty.

While this private neighborhood is located near big and dynamic Louisville, it combines a rural atmosphere with many coffee shops, parks, and restaurants to visit. Residents and tourists can also drop by the Louisville Mega Cavern to embark on an exciting two-hour adventure or the Thurman-Hutchins Park for some outdoor fun.

Furthermore, Humana, the only Kentucky-based company on the Fortune 500 list in 2023, is headquartered in Louisville. The proximity of Indian Hills to the city encourages professionals to create elegant-looking spaces with high-end home decor, like our luxury rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How should I clean pre-made or custom rugs?

To clean pre-made or custom area rugs, always vacuum them and spot-clean them with a mild detergent. Set your vacuum cleaner to a low-suction mode when vacuuming your area rug, and test cleaners on one area for colorfastness.

Most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s specific care instructions, especially when cleaning handmade rugs.

Can I clean handmade area rugs myself?

Yes, you can clean handmade rugs yourself. However, they require delicate care to maintain their durable and detailed appearance.

When cleaning a hand-knotted or hand-woven rug, vacuum without reaching the fringes and using a beater bar. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals on your rug, and hire expert rug cleaners for deep cleaning.

What's the best way to maintain an area rug’s appearance?

The best ways to maintain an area rug’s appearance include:

  • Limiting the rug’s exposure to direct sunlight - If possible, use window blinds, curtains, or window treatments to help prevent fading on rugs.
  • Rotating your rug - Ideally, this step should be done once every six months or at the end of every season.
  • Using rug pads

How do I store handmade or machine-produced rugs?

Store handmade or machine-produced rugs in a cool, dry place. Clean your rug and dry it thoroughly, then roll the dry rug with the pile facing inward to prevent damage.

Next, wrap the rolled rug in breathable material, or put it in a protective bag. Store your rug without heavy items over it.

Can I repair a pre-made or custom rug myself?

You can repair a pre-made or custom area rug yourself, but only if the piece shows minor damage. Always take rugs with extensive damage, including worn antique rugs, to a rug repair and restoration specialist.

Damaged rugs can be repaired at our Bloomington showroom. For any inquiries about this service, please contact us.

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