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Rugs have been around for thousands of years. They were first made by Nomadic tribes using reeds, grasses, and animal fur to provide insulation.

Today, rugs still serve a practical purpose. But more importantly, they play a huge role in interior design by adding dimension and sophistication to a space. For instance, you can add a black and white area rug to your room to make it look more vibrant and energetic.

Using the right rug color is important because it can soften visual noise and bring a sense of calmness to a space. That's why color psychology should inform your search for the right rug.

Blue, for example, is generally considered a peaceful and calming hue, making blue square area rugs perfect for master bedrooms. Meanwhile, red is a lively color that can re-energize a room. Red rugs are ideal for offices or creative nooks because the color can help stimulate the mind and create a more spirited atmosphere.

Looking for exquisite rugs in Palm Beach, FL, for your home or office? Shop at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. We carry an extensive rug collection that features traditional and contemporary designs.

If you're looking for other premium pieces to suit your taste, we carry area rugs from internationally acclaimed designers. Our inventory includes rugs from Erbil Tezcan, Thomas O'Brien, and James Tufenkian. We cater to the needs of rug collectors and enthusiasts in Palm Beach, FL, so shop with us today.

Quality and Value for Antique & Modern Rug Buyers in Palm Beach, FL

After sharing the beauty of bespoke rugs for years, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has solidified its place in the artisan rug industry.

Our extensive collection of luxury rugs was carefully hand-picked by our team to guarantee quality and value. Whatever your style may be, you'll surely find a piece that fits your style perfectly.

Cyrus Artisan Rug's collection includes sleek modern rugs, colorful handwoven rugs, and more. We also have antique rugs hailed from various countries around the world. Our rug experts carefully restored these textiles to revive their original beauty.

Cyrus' Guarantee for Modern Buyers in Palm Beach, FL

Cyrus Artisan Rug strives to serve its customers with trust and assurance when searching for the best modern rugs. We are committed to delivering you some of the finest carpets in the country.

Unlike other rug retailers in Palm Beach, FL, Cyrus Artisan Rugs provides free delivery to its clients. We will securely pack each piece you purchase from our showroom and deliver them to your home with no tariff fees or hidden costs.

Trendy Rug Types and Styles in Palm Beach, FL

Our rugs are available in four types: tribal, traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

Tribal rugs have a classic charm originating from Iran, Turkey, and Morocco. Adorning your space with these rugs can add a touch of luxury or a subtle, timeless feel.

A monochromatic space with a minimalist layout, for instance, could be spruced up with tribal square area rugs with colorful patterns and designs. Simply installing vibrant tribal rugs can make any dull space look vibrant.

Traditional rugs can create the same effect but add a touch of luxury. After all, these rugs originate from Persian and Oriental royalty. By adding a traditional rug to your space, you can make your room more comfortable and cozy.

Match these pieces with warm wood and bronze decor. They're also an excellent complement to furniture with soft curves and elegant edges.

Traditional square area rugs are ideal for casual areas where you relax at the end of a long day or engage in conversations with guests. Adding a soft rug could make your space more comfortable, especially if it's a small area with surrounding walls and furniture.

Meanwhile, contemporary rugs feature modern designs, making them easier to differentiate from tribal and traditional rugs. These rugs tend to be more vibrant and experimental than tribal or traditional rugs. For example, some pieces can feature retro designs.

Others may look more like a painting because their designs feature a single subject like a vase or have a still-life painting-inspired appeal. The art style of contemporary rugs makes them standalone pieces in their own right.

It's also why these pieces shine when placed in the middle of a room. Since contemporary rugs are constructed with bold and unique designs, refrain from placing them below furniture pieces. The best way to display these rugs is by hanging them on a wall or installing them on spacious floors without furniture.

Lastly, transitional rugs are best described as "hybrid" rugs that incorporate the classic and modern appeal of traditional and contemporary rugs. This makes them the most versatile rug type because they can artfully match any interior.

A minimalist space would benefit from the sense of calmness that a light-colored transitional rug would bring into the room, for instance. Meanwhile, if you're designing your bedroom, you might want to reduce visual noise and clutter by adorning your floors with a transitional area rug.

Rug Brands and Designers in Palm Beach, FL

Our showroom features pieces from award-winning and internationally-acclaimed names in the interior design industry. These designers have made their mark because of their unique and quirky interpretations.

Thanks to their contributions, they're pushing for greater rug demand because of their visions and creativity.

Take Erbil Tezcan, for instance. Tezcan grew up in Turkey, naturally exposing him to the rug-making process. He confesses that he wasn't captivated by rugs at first but that his love for design brought him closer and closer to designing rugs.

His gift lies in his ability to interpret the world around him then translate the designs through distinct rug patterns and illustrations.

One of his best works is called Summit, a mountainous landscape inspired by an artwork depicting frozen, upside-down boats trapped in ice. The rug won the prestigious Modern Design, Deluxe Rug award in 2017 in Hanover, Germany.

Pieces made by Ralph Laurence are also included in our inventory if you're looking for a Palm Beach, FL rug. Laurence's design primarily focuses on comfort and simplicity because of his affinity with subtlety.

But this isn't to say that he undervalues flair. Rather, he prefers to walk the tightrope between simplicity and elegance. And he always injects his pieces with freshness and a unique Laurence twist. He does this by taking inspiration from classical designs and reimagining them on canvas.

He believes that sticking to traditional designs alone would be "boring and uninteresting."

James Tufenkian is another big name in interior design. When Tufenkian entered the rug industry, Persian pieces were all the rage. However, he wanted to change things up, so he strayed from creating pieces with the traditional features of Persian rugs.

The result: fresh pieces made with techniques such as hand-carding and hand-spinning.

His innovative approach to rug design is what makes Tufenkian's rugs one of the most sought-after pieces by rug connoisseurs. And he continues to push the boundaries by introducing something new with his rugs.

He once shared that rehashing the same designs without introducing anything new will cause designs to grow bland and stale. So he uses technology and makes different variations of the same pattern to create a spark.

If you're looking for transitional rugs, Thomas O'Brien's pieces might interest you. His pieces are incredibly versatile enough to fit any room. If you're not a fan of subtlety and want a bold piece that will truly stand out in your space, you can opt for rugs from O'Brien.

The shapes and patterns on these rugs are visually striking and often incorporate the rug's material. These pieces showcase a mix of traditional and contemporary design elements, so check out our inventory if these types of rugs strike your fancy.

Other designers featured in our Palm Beach, FL, rug collection include pieces from:

  • Clodagh
  • Jenny Jones
  • Barbara Barry
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Mark Pollack

We also carry rugs from well-known brands, such as Lapchi, Nourison, Jaipur Living, and our own Cyrus Artisan rugs. If you want rugs that originate from Nepal and Pakistan, check out our Lapchi rugs. But if you prefer pieces that offer a classic twist, you might want to explore our Nourison collection.

Here are the other brands in our inventory if you're looking for Palm Beach, FL rugs:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Safavieh
  • Tamarian
  • Tufenkian
  • Tibet Rug Company
  • Kalaty
  • Samad
  • Wool & Silk Rugs
  • Loloi Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

Our Palm Beach, FL, rugs feature pieces with different weaves. These include:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Flat-woven
  • Hand-loomed
  • Hand-tufted
  • Power-loomed
  • Machine-loomed

Machine and power-loomed rugs are our most affordable pieces, constructed from synthetic fibers or natural materials. Flat-woven rugs, as their name suggests, are flat pieces with a low density of fibers. Moreover, you can display these rugs on both sides because both surfaces feature the same design.

Hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive and elegant pieces in our collection. These pieces come with a hefty price tag because of the lengthy process of construction. Moreover, a hand-knotted rug features millions of knots depending on the size and pattern.

Colors and Decorating Tips

If you're thinking of adding a rug to your room, make sure you consider color psychology. Different colors convey different emotions, after all. For example, a black and white area rug can reduce the visual noise in a room. The two shades can also add a layer of calmness and mystery, perfect for intimate spaces like a study nook or your bedroom.

Green, on the other hand, is a color that represents nature. As such, green rugs are best placed near windows overlooking the outdoors. That way, they can provide an illusion that your space is an extension of your garden or patio.

You also need to consider the size of the rug. Generally speaking, the rug shouldn't be too large that it covers the entire room and leaves no space for other furniture or accent pieces.

The same goes for small rugs when placed in large spaces - they'll diminish their elegance and end up overlooked. For good measure, make sure your rug complements your existing decor and furniture so everything's in harmony.


1. Where can I buy rugs in Palm Beach, FL?

If you're looking for area rugs, look no further than Cyrus Rugs. We cater to the needs of rug collectors and enthusiasts in Palm Beach, FL, and have an extensive collection of rugs for your every need. Our staff are happy to assist you with your needs. Just let us know what design you want to achieve in your space, and we'll make suggestions to achieve your desired look.

2. Do you offer a trial period for your rugs?

Yes. We offer a "Try Before You Buy Program" that lets you take sample swatches home to determine if your prospective rug is a right fit for your space.

3. Do you offer a rug rental service?

Yes, we offer rental services for our area rugs, perfect for realtors, designers, and photographers. Just let us know in advance about your project, and we'll reserve your chosen piece.

4. What's the best way to position area rugs in my bedroom?

Ultimately, it will depend on the size of your furniture and the rug. If the piece is wide enough to cover the entire bed, place your furniture on top. Make sure that the edges of the rug are peeking out of the bed so you achieve a sense of symmetry and balance.

If the bed is larger than the rug, the piece should only accommodate about two-thirds of the furniture on top. Position your rug so that it's more visible and not only with its edges peeking out from the bed. This way, you can maintain depth and dimension in your space.

Meanwhile, if you have a small rug, you may want to position it on the side of the bed, like a foot rug or cushion. This type of placement will create an "island" where you can rest your feet.

5. How often should I clean my rugs?

Vacuum your rugs twice a week to remove deep-seated dust. However, you may want to clean your rugs more frequently if it's placed in a high-traffic area (like the hallway or living room).

If you have pets, try to vacuum your rugs daily to avoid the build-up of pet dander in your rug's fibers. Keeping your rugs clean at all times prevents insects from nestling deep into your rug or the dirt from building up.

6. How do I store my rugs?

Make sure to always clean your rugs before storing them. Roll them up, then wrap the rug in a cloth for protection. Keeping your area rugs wrapped while in storage will protect them from insects and accumulating dust.

Store your rugs in an elevated place to protect them from potential spills or where pets can reach and damage the fibers. And always remember to still clean your rugs at least once a month to preserve their quality and material.

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