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A house can reflect its owner’s personality and style through the finest rugs sold in Stapleton, CO. Cyrus Artisan Rugs stands as a homeowner’s top destination for transforming their living spaces with premium-quality area rugs.

If you seek contemporary elegance and forward-thinking designs, our vast rug selection includes modern rugs in various colors, motifs, sizes, and shapes. We also offer traditional, transitional, tribal, solid, striped, and Southwest rugs to add a burst of energy to your space.

Our team recognizes the power of customization as well. Joining our custom rug program lets you weave your personal story into the very fabric of your home. Choose from a variety of color palettes, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures to express your taste and personality.

More importantly, we work with top rug brands and designers to create luxury rugs from the best materials and weaving techniques. Our in-house artisans and rug-producing partners use premium-quality natural and synthetic fibers when making area rugs. Furthermore, we offer handcrafted and machine-made rugs for the different areas of your home.

From timeless traditional rugs to bespoke creations, our luxury rugs seamlessly blend comfort and aesthetics. Whether you want to tie everything in your room together or turn your home into a more elegant space, our collection caters to every need.

Our rug store for customers in Stapleton, CO, is committed to unmatched artistry, ensuring that each piece makes a statement while bringing warmth and style to your home. Start your journey to a cozier, more vibrant home at our showroom in Bloomington, MN, or through our online store.

Transform Your Home with Fine-Quality Modern Rugs

Contemporary area rugs signify modern living by showcasing an enticing variety of boundary-pushing designs and a broad color spectrum. Both elements effortlessly complement the distinctive tastes and personalities of homeowners.

Beyond adorning your living space, our modern rugs allow you to show your unique style. Their motifs range from clean lines to abstract designs in different forms and tones, all catering to your preference. Some contemporary rugs even showcase designs inspired by traditional styles, with significant influence from the Art Deco and arts and crafts eras.

Moreover, our modern area rugs come in colors such as black, white, and blue to turn any space into a more vibrant or simpler space. Whether you need a bold focal point or a subtle accent for your room, the hues of these rugs can complement what you’ve envisioned for your home.

Weave Your Creative Vision Into Custom Rugs

Along with a wide selection of pre-made rugs, our rug store for customers in Stapleton, CO, lets you elevate your home’s style with custom area rugs. These one-of-a-kind creations showcase incredible artistry and the personalized touches sought by homeowners who are after distinctive living spaces.

Creating custom rugs involves tailoring every detail to your specific preferences. You’re free to choose the color, motif, size, shape, and texture that aligns with your artistic vision. As a result, bespoke rugs seamlessly blend into your room’s decor and design.

Additionally, custom area rugs are perfect for when you need a different rug size or a specific color to match your space’s overall appearance. Creative homeowners get a canvas for self-expression in these rugs, allowing them to make unique focal points for their living spaces.

Our store recognizes a bespoke rug’s appeal, which is reflected in our custom area rug program. Our design experts and master artisans help buyers turn their creative visions into luxurious bespoke rugs, starting with a one-on-one consultation at our Bloomington showroom. Your design will be discussed and simulated using design software, creating your rug’s initial blueprint. After adjusting the design, a strike-off will be made, finalized, and sent to our in-house weavers.

Finally, our custom rug program upholds our commitment to unparalleled quality and artistry. It ensures that each rug expresses its owner’s taste and lifestyle, regardless of its purpose and details.

Highlight the Incredible Artistry of Handmade Rugs at Home

A handmade area rug’s charm goes beyond protecting your floors. It’s a timeless treasure crafted with skill, tradition, and cultural significance.

Our hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are made with artistry surpassing mass-produced alternatives. Each knot and weave comes from an artisan's dedication and expertise sustained across generations.

Exquisite hand-knotted rugs are the work of skilled artisans who invest countless hours in perfecting their craft. They’re made by tying individual knots onto a loom, resulting in a rug with unparalleled durability and the unique touch of human hands, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Meanwhile, hand-woven rugs are made like baskets. The technique used gives these rugs consistent and reversible designs without any pile or knots. Weavers card, spin, and dye raw materials before crafting a hand-woven area rug.

Sustaining the cultures and traditions behind handmade rugs is important as they’re tangible connections to time-honored traditions. Additionally, it supports the livelihoods of master artisans, ensuring enduring creativity and handiwork. Our Bloomington showroom and online store invite you to discover the stories woven into each handcrafted rug, celebrating their artistry and originating culture.

Get Designer Rugs with Distinctive Styles

Luxury area rugs bring your floors to new heights of sophistication with their unique designs and premium quality. They’re crafted with a blend of creativity and handiwork from renowned designers and skilled artisans, creating a masterpiece that complements your opulent lifestyle well.

Designer rugs carry the signature styles of their creators, with the finest materials and most intricate weaving techniques breathing new life into artistic visions. At our showroom and online store, you’ll find one-of-a-kind rugs made by these creative minds:

  • Barbara Barry
  • Clodagh
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • Gauri Khan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Mark Pollack
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Thomas O’ Brien
  • Vicente Wolf

Many homeowners have bought designer area rugs because they transcend the ordinary and add unparalleled elegance to their living spaces. Exclusivity and attention to detail come with these premium-quality rugs, making them a popular rug style and excellent investments in timeless style and great durability.

Bring the Distinct Charm of Moroccan Rugs to Your Home

Our rug store for customers in Stapleton, CO, also offers Moroccan area rugs that exude the spirit of Moroccan artistry. Each rug marries tradition with contemporary design, catering to homeowners after global charm.

Master artisans use traditional weaving techniques and natural fibers to craft Moroccan rugs. In turn, they create masterpieces with a plush, luxurious texture and a durable design for a comfortable and welcoming space.

Furthermore, Moroccan area rugs have captivating geometric patterns and bold, vibrant colors. Their symbolic designs depict stories of the weavers' heritage and experiences, and when combined with earthy tones, make Moroccan rugs versatile additions to various decor styles. Ultimately, these elements bring a touch of fascinating elegance to your home.

Apart from captivating motifs, a Moroccan-style rug’s remarkable durability allows you to place it in high-traffic areas. Natural fibers also make this area rug style a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for homeowners wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

Buy Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs with Timeless Beauty

Cyrus Artisan Rugs also sells Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs for homes in Stapleton, CO. When you explore our selection of these historic pieces at our showroom or online store, you get a glimpse into their remarkable artistry and cultural significance.

Oriental and Persian rugs, celebrated for their rich history and exquisite handiwork, present captivating tales of their origins to homeowners.

  • Oriental area rugs are made in several rug-producing Asian countries, including China, India, Nepal, and Turkey, with detailed motifs and a vast color spectrum reflecting East Asia’s diverse artistic traditions.
  • Persian area rugs come from Iran. Their designs range from elaborate floral patterns to detailed geometric motifs, each carrying significant meanings.

Meanwhile, antique rugs are rugs over 100 years old. These timeless masterpieces add grandeur to your home and showcase how design and weaving techniques have changed over time. With antique area rugs in your space, you can connect with the past and appreciate traditional artistry.

Rug Styling Tips for Your Home

When decorating any room with an area rug, consider the following factors to ensure a cohesive look.

Interior Design

Rugs for homes in Stapleton, CO, define specific zones differently. For instance, modern area rugs with clean lines and geometric motifs complement contemporary spaces the best. On the other hand, the timeless charm of antique rugs makes them perfect for traditional or diverse interior styles.

If you seek a personalized touch, custom area rugs let you match colors, motifs, sizes, and shapes to your room’s existing decor. Always consider the space’s current design and decor arrangement when crafting your bespoke rug.


For a cohesive look, choose rug colors that complement your room’s color scheme. Neutrals and muted color palettes create a more minimalistic ambiance in modern interiors, while richer tones make eclectic or bohemian interior designs livelier.


When it comes to rug motifs, try combining them for more visual interest. It’s a good option for simpler interior designs, but not if your room looks hectic. Subtler motifs work well in busier areas as they help maintain balance.

Companies & Homes Served in Stapleton, CO

Our rug store serves homeowners in lively Stapleton, CO, a community built within 7.5 square miles of previously used runways, concourses, and terminals. Our curated area rug selection complements the neighborhood’s dynamic character with a wide range of colors and designs.

Stapleton’s notable attractions include multiple parks and open spaces for outdoor activities. At Central Park, you’ll find biking and hiking trails that lead to the 17,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Golden eagles fly above this vast prairie while bison roam around it.

Stapleton is also known for mixed-use development. Homes across its 11 neighborhoods range from high-end condominiums to luxury houses, but visitors can find modern residences with trendy, unconventional designs in the area. Moreover, urban elegance coexists with Stapleton’s distinct mix of newer housing, attracting inner-city residents and helping the neighborhood thrive more than ever.

Finally, Stapleton is situated in Denver, where Fortune 500 companies in DCP Midstream, Ovintiv, Newmont, VF, and DaVita operate. Over 100 business owners are also based in the neighborhood, making it a hub of innovation and business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How should I clean an area rug?

Clean an area rug by vacuuming it regularly and spot-cleaning fresh spills or stains. When vacuuming a luxury rug, use a low-intensity setting and clean without a beater bar attachment.

To clean spills, blot them gently with a clean cloth. Use mild detergent and water for minor stains.

Can I clean handmade rugs without expert care?

No, you can’t clean handmade area rugs without expert care. Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are made from delicate materials; thus, they’ll need professional cleaning.

As a rule, handcrafted rugs should be cleaned more often if placed in high-traffic areas. Otherwise, make sure to schedule expert cleaning every five to seven years.

How do I maintain the beauty of antique, Oriental, & Persian rugs?

Maintain the beauty of antique, Oriental, and Persian area rugs by keeping them away from direct sunlight. If your rug is in a well-lit room, prevent fading with curtains, blinds, or protective window treatments.

Additionally, place an antique, Oriental, or Persian rug in low-traffic areas to avoid damage, and rotate them often for gradual wear.

What should I do when storing Persian area rugs?

When storing Persian rugs, clean and dry them thoroughly. Roll a dry rug with the pile facing inwards, then wrap it in breathable material instead of a plastic cover that traps moisture.

Next, store your Persian rug in a cool, dry place. Choose a clean, moth-free location, and avoid placing heavy items over the rug.

What's the best way to care for designer rugs?

The best way to care for designer area rugs is to vacuum them often. As mentioned, vacuum your rug using a low setting and without a damaging attachment.

Also, make sure to clean spills immediately. If you see fresh spills on your rug, blot them gently with a clean cloth.

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