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Sun-kissed landscapes and vibrant lifestyles coexist in California’s coastal areas, two elements that area rugs sold in Santa Barbara, CA can capture. The vast variety of colors and motifs in these exquisite works of art bring the city’s distinctive charm to your home. In turn, your space becomes a more vibrant and inviting place to be.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a stunning selection of area rugs to elevate your home’s look and mood. These pieces are available in styles ranging from traditional to Southwest-inspired, showcasing unique designs created from incredible artistry. Furthermore, we carry new and antique rugs in multiple sizes and colors to complement specific room dimensions, layouts, and styles.

If you want a rug expressing your unique style and preferences, our custom area rug program lets you add a personalized touch to every thread. Imagine walking into a space adorned with rugs that reflect your individuality. Our bespoke rug program serves as your opportunity to give your home a more distinct look.

Whether you love the timeless elegance of traditional rug motifs or the creativity of today’s trendy designs, our area rugs for homes in Santa Barbara, CA cater to your taste. Each of our rugs is a masterpiece, made with the thorough care and passion of master weavers.

Moreover, our team understands that a rug does more than protect your floors from damage. It also allows you to make a statement and tie everything in your home together. We’re committed to offering rugs with a harmonious blend of comfort and durability, using only the finest materials to craft these beautiful creations.

A world where artistry meets quality will greet you when exploring our curated area rug collections up close or online. You can find the perfect rug for your space and style at our showroom in Bloomington, MN or on our website.

Choose Modern Rugs for Modern Interiors

Our contemporary area rugs redefine sophistication by combining style and creativity. These rugs express individual tastes through forward-thinking designs inspired by significant artistic movements and trends.

Modern rugs showcase a kaleidoscope of patterns that enliven your home. Most pieces have striking geometric motifs to add character to any space, while others highlight abstract designs for eye-catching focal points. Moreover, some contemporary rugs incorporate florals, detailed motifs, borders, and other conventional design elements with a new twist.

As for colors, our modern area rugs come in palettes as diverse as Santa Barbara's coastal landscape. At our store, you’ll find rugs capturing the city’s serene blues, earthy tones, and vibrant colors of the Californian sun. We also offer contemporary rugs in neutral palettes to make your interior feel spacious and clean.

Modern design’s appeal lies in its ability to fit into various interior styles. Our contemporary area rugs work well with minimalist and eclectic decor pieces, allowing you to express your personality and taste. Your floors become the canvas for a modern rug’s distinct elegance and style that captures Santa Barbara’s lively coastal atmosphere.

Turn Your Artistic Visions Into Custom Rugs

Our rug store for customers in Santa Barbara, CA recognizes that a house is as unique as its owner. Thus, we offer bespoke area rugs to help you create a space where everything complements your preferred style.

Our custom rugs attract homeowners with a discerning eye and desire for striking artistry. The creative process for these rugs lets you turn your creative vision into a finely crafted masterpiece. Specifically, you choose your rug’s size, shape, material, color, and design, ensuring it blends seamlessly into a space’s overall look.

Our bespoke rugs give you endless possibilities when decorating your home. If standard rug designs feel out of place in unconventional room layouts, certain color schemes, or specific interior themes, custom area rugs are an ideal choice. For example, you could craft a rug in the same dimensions as your room for a balanced appearance. It’s especially beneficial to individuals wanting to elevate the style and unique features of their homes.

Our Bespoke Rug Program At a Glance

Collaboration stands as the core of our custom area rug program. Our expert team works with customers to align rug designs with artistic visions, crafting unique creations for stunning living spaces.

Our bespoke rug program starts with a discussion about your rug’s specifications at our Bloomington showroom. One of our staff members will enter these details into design software to create your custom area rug’s initial design and adjust it to your needs.

After making the necessary changes to your rug’s specifications, our experienced staff will make a strike-off in the same size, design, and material. This design is also adjusted, then sent to our master artisans for weaving.

Complement Your Style with Our Handmade Rugs

Our rug store for customers in Santa Barbara, CA proudly showcases the timeless artistry of handmade area rugs, a testament to the rich heritage and creativity poured into these stunning pieces. We celebrate the intricate beauty of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, with threads thoroughly made to express the history and culture behind them.

Our handmade area rugs are a labor of love from skilled artisans and centuries-old weaving techniques. Hand-knotted rugs are made of numerous individual knots tied to a special loom, making these rugs durable and detailed. As for hand-woven rugs, they’re meticulously crafted like baskets, highlighting a symphony of colors and patterns. These area rugs are flat and reversible, which is why they’re called “flatweaves.”

Preserving the cultures and traditions behind our handmade rugs means honoring the artistry of rug-weaving communities. In a world where more cultural diversity is needed, these rugs create and deepen your connection to the global heritage of creativity.

Furthermore, keeping the art of handmade area rugs alive supports the livelihoods of artisans who pour their skill and soul into each creation. It encourages weavers to continue making handcrafted rugs with traditional techniques, ensuring their artistry endures through the years.

Create More Stylish Spaces with Designer Rugs

Our designer area rugs embody grandeur and sophistication for Santa Barbara’s discerning residents. They’re detailed statements of art and luxury that turn your home into a more fascinating and stylish space.

Master artisans and visionary designers collaborate to craft fine-quality luxury rugs. The creative process behind these rugs starts with choosing their material, ranging from plush silk to durable wool, leading to a texture exuding luxury. Moreover, color palettes and motifs are carefully selected to reflect the designer's artistic vision and complement a rug owner’s style.

Designer rugs have become popular for their ability to transcend functionality and become focal points of interior design. Homeowners choose these rugs because of the unique blend of artistry and functionality they bring to a space. When you own a luxury rug, you own a piece of art that elevates your home’s appearance and carries the prestige of grandeur.

Our rug store for homeowners in Santa Barbara, CA has partnered with renowned designers to offer attention-grabbing designer area rugs, including Erbil Tezcan, James Tufenkian, Kavi, Ralph Lauren, and Vicente Wolf. Each designer crafts rugs in their signature style, making luxury rugs stand out among other area rug styles.

Add the Unique Character of Moroccan Rugs to Your Home

Moroccan area rugs captivate with their spectacular beauty that captures Morocco’s rich culture. They’re crafted with impressive traditional artistry, adding a touch of North African charm to your home.

Master artisans from Morocco’s indigenous Berber communities often weave Moroccan rugs. Each rug is meticulously made with ancient techniques passed down through generations, featuring bold geometric motifs and rich, earthy colors reflecting the Berber’s nomadic and tribal culture.

Apart from its visual appeal, a Moroccan area rug is a durable investment for your home. Weavers craft rugs from high-quality, natural materials, ensuring resilience and longevity. Additionally, Moroccan rugs have a plush, dense pile for a luxurious underfoot, making your space feel more inviting and cozier.

Versatility is another notable characteristic of our Moroccan area rugs, with designs that let it blend well into modern and traditional interiors. Whether you want to make a statement piece or add a subtle accent to your decor, these rugs can give your home a more eclectic touch.

Adorn Any Space with Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs

Our Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs carry enduring elegance, telling historic tales through time-honored designs.

Oriental rugs come from several rug-producing Asian countries, including China, India, and Turkey. They express the East’s rich history and diverse traditions with unique artistry and traditional weaving techniques. From detailed motifs to striking palettes, our Oriental area rugs narrate stories of creativity and culture, transforming your home into a more striking space.

Persian rugs, renowned for their exquisite beauty, are made in Iran and epitomize centuries of artistry. These rugs highlight detailed designs often inspired by nature, history, and mythology, elevating a space’s style while lending a sense of tradition and prestige to it.

Finally, antique rugs over 100 years old carry timeless charm. They transport you to earlier eras by highlighting how designs and weaving techniques have changed over the centuries. Our antique area rugs are notable pieces of history, their threads recounting the stories of their weavers and later generations.

Homes & Companies Served in Santa Barbara, CA

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is thrilled to serve customers in lively Santa Barbara, CA. Many iconic landmarks and attractions abound in this coastal city, including the famous Stearns Wharf with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, the hectic State Street, and the thriving Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. These destinations spark creativity and inspiration for choosing area rugs.

Santa Barbara is located 97 miles (156 kilometers) northwest of Los Angeles, the home of eight Fortune 500 companies. Notable firms include The Walt Disney Company, Molina Healthcare, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., and Farmers Insurance Exchange. In turn, these companies bring sophistication to the city’s business landscape.

Whether you reside near the Santa Barbara Courthouse or the renowned Lotusland, our store gives you access to premium-quality rugs for homes in Santa Barbara, CA. You can always visit our website, browse our curated area rug selection, and have your chosen rug shipped to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How should I clean pre-made or custom rugs?

Clean pre-made or custom area rugs by vacuuming them regularly. Use a low-suction setting and vacuum without a beater bar to maintain delicate fibers.

As for spills, blot them gently with a clean cloth and mild detergent. Clean spills immediately to prevent damage.

Finally, have your rug deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

What's the best way to care for handmade rugs?

One of the best ways to care for handmade area rugs is to limit their exposure to sunlight. This step keeps these rugs from fading. If you want to place a hand-knotted or hand-woven rug in a well-lit area, use curtains or window treatments to block sunlight.

Also, vacuum handmade rugs and rotate them regularly.

How do I maintain a designer rug’s quality?

You can maintain a designer area rug’s quality by placing them in low-traffic areas. When a luxury rug is placed in high-traffic spaces, like hallways, it may wear out faster.

Rug pads are another great way to maintain a designer area rug’s quality. These pads reduce wear, keep your rug in place, and protect floors.

How do I store new & antique rugs?

Store new or antique area rugs in a cool, dry place to maintain their integrity.

Before storing these area rugs, clean them thoroughly and dry in an airy area. Once your rug is completely dry, roll it with the pile inwards to reduce creases. Then, put the rug in a breathable protective bag.

How do I clean & maintain hand-knotted & hand-woven rugs?

Clean and maintain a hand-knotted or hand-woven area rug by vacuuming it regularly. Clean the rug with extra care on the fringes. We recommend vacuuming on a low setting and without a beater bar attachment to prevent damage.

Moreover, blot spills immediately with a clean cloth, rotate your rug, and schedule professional cleaning periodically.

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