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Besides being excellent foundations for fabulous living rooms and bedrooms, there are plenty of ways you can use designer rugs to elevate the appearance of other spaces in your home. With plenty of materials and textures to choose from, the design possibilities are endless when it comes to placing bespoke rugs in your living spaces. 

For instance, if you want to spice up your formal dining room, we recommend picking a flatweave designer rug. Flatweave tapestries feature a smooth surface that makes it easier to slide chairs in and out. And thanks to their flat appearance, the divots caused by your dining chairs are less evident. 

These square area rugs are also perfect for your kitchen as they're easier to clean than other materials. But avoid bespoke rugs with raised fibers, as these pieces are prone to getting food stuck between the threads. If you want something softer than a flatwoven bespoke rug, you can opt for a piece that blends natural fibers, like sisal and jute, with cotton or chenille for a perfect balance of durability and comfort.

Sisal and jute square area rugs are also ideal for high-traffic areas in your home, like your entryway and living room. These threads are strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and have stain-resistant properties that make dirt less visible to the naked eye. You can also use these bespoke rugs to create a chic yet functional mudroom for your guests. 

As for your bathroom, cotton and chenille have great moisture resistance and are typically machine washable. It's worth noting that not all types of cotton threads are the same. For instance, Egyptian cotton has greater absorbent properties than Turkish cotton, which dries faster.

If comfort is your main priority, we recommend tufted designer rugs. Tufted rugs are great for your children's playrooms and nurseries as it helps soften your hardwood floors.

Additionally, these thick bedroom area rugs have excellent noise-reduction capabilities that can dampen the sound of your kids running and playing around their rooms.

With the right bespoke area rug, you can turn any room in your home into a stylish, magazine-worthy space without sacrificing functionality. Cyrus Artisan Rugs is here to help you discover functional and chic home decor with our wide selection of luxurious designer rugs. 

Rug Styles & Types

As a premier rug store, Cyrus Artisan Rugs features eight popular rug styles and types in its Bloomington showroom. 

Traditional Style

If you enjoy the opulence of classic interior design, traditional bespoke area rugs are for you. These tapestries have a regal appearance with deep color palettes, intricate medallion prints, and hexagonal shapes. And while the style is most commonly used to achieve English country and Tudor revival styles, you can spruce up any setting with traditional carpets.

Suppose you want to create a colorful look for your living space; it would be best to pick a traditional bespoke rug similar to your color palette to tie things together. Doing so allows you to highlight the intricate patterns of the rug and prevent different looks from clashing with one another. 

Traditional luxury area rugs also go well with solid-tone color palettes. If you want to stick with a black-and-white color palette, you can introduce depth and contrast to your interiors by adding an Oriental rug in neutral colors. Modern iterations of this rug style now feature the trendy muted palettes that are popular among minimalists. 

Transitional Style

By incorporating a modern flair into their design, transitional bespoke rugs breathe new life into the classic luxury area rugs we know and love. Unlike traditional designer rugs, which emphasize classic patterns and colors, these tapestries combine traditional prints, such as elegant flowers, with striking colors, such as neon orange.

With the combination of classic and contemporary influences, these bespoke area rugs can help you achieve various interior design themes in your home. You can easily incorporate them in your home, whether your interiors are inspired by American Tudor revival or modern wabi-sabi style. 

The elaborate patterns of these bespoke rugs are the perfect match for the quaint aesthetic of the American Tudor concept. Meanwhile, the artisanal look of the transitional style sums up the authentic philosophy of wabi-sabi. 

Tribal Style

Tribal handmade rugs are tapestries from various nomadic tribes worldwide. Each piece reflects their respective village's environment and showcases their weavers' distinct culture. Because of its earthy colors and intricate designs, such as the Both and Gul patterns, the rug style is especially popular in bohemian and Mediterranean interiors.

If you enjoy traveling and want your living space to reflect that, these bespoke area rugs are ideal. Aside from their exotic appearance, each rug tells a unique story through the motifs it contains. You can use these luxury area rugs to represent the cultures of countries you've visited in Central Asia and beyond.

Besides eclectic concepts like Boho and Mediterranean styles, tribal bespoke rugs also look great for accomplishing minimalistic interior design themes. These colorful tapestries are great statement pieces when placed in rustic spaces. We recommend pairing them with natural raw materials like reclaimed wood, washed white linen, and aged metal for that laid-back atmosphere.

Contemporary Style

For those who want to design trendsetting homes, contemporary designer rugs are the perfect home decor. The contemporary style draws inspiration from modern trends and highlights what's considered fashionable. 

Their distinctive designs can range from soft and feminine to hard-edged. These luxury area rugs are characterized by contrasting colors and abstract lines, creating a more modern appearance. Besides pairing well with modern, free-form patterns, the contemporary style can also look great alongside classic prints.

One tip we recommend when experimenting with patterns is to stick to a certain color palette or alternate dimensions. You'll prevent each print from overpowering one another by purchasing a contemporary bespoke rug in the same tone as your striped throw pillows. If you want to add a feminine flair to your bedroom, we recommend looking for a contemporary carpet with smaller prints. 

Solid-colored Style

Solid-colored designer rugs can instantly dress up a space however you want. They are ideal home décor pieces if you want to create a carefully curated environment in your home that reflects your distinct personality.

These bespoke rugs typically feature a single color in varying shades, giving the design depth and dimension. Certain solid-colored designer rugs combine different textures and materials, adding visual interest to your home. They're an excellent choice for anyone looking to personalize their home's decor.

If you want to layer multiple rugs, we recommend using a solid-colored rug in muted shades of beige and grey as your base. Place your accent round area rug on top of your base to highlight its intricate patterns and bright color palette. 

Striped Rugs

Stripes are timeless patterns that allow designers to create visual illusions. The lines' direction and size can alter your home's appearance. Small vertical stripes emphasize length, whereas thick horizontal stripes emphasize large areas.

Striped bespoke rugs not only highlight your home's size but can also alter its mood and ambiance. The lively vibe created by chunky lines and vibrant colors is ideal for playrooms. On the other hand, simple stripes can make bathrooms and bedrooms feel cozier and more soothing.

Besides being perfect for creating the perfect summer coastal home, striped bespoke rugs also look great in homey interior design concepts like French country style. The well-known Toile patterns of the style look great with classic prints like stripes.

When combined, these two designs embody the refined, provincial atmosphere of the French countryside.

Southwestern Style

Native American tribes in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas originally weaved Southwestern tapestries as saddle coats. Over time, these bespoke rugs became popular home decor pieces across the globe. These carpets feature color schemes with shades of turquoise, terracotta, warm brown tones, and Aztec patterns.

Handmade Southwestern carpets frequently depict the vast American Southwest desert. They complement popular themes such as the rustic Navajo style and are ideal for eclectic interiors such as the Mediterranean and Bohemian concepts.

Suppose you want your home to have the elegant and relaxed atmosphere most Farmhouses have; then Southwest bespoke rugs are a must. One of the important characteristics of the Farmhouse style is hard-wearing and cozy materials, both of which the Southwestern style has. It has the rugged texture of natural materials and the cozy vibe of a warm color palette, perfect for creating a laid-back feel in your living space.

One-of-a-kind Rugs

One-of-a-kind carpets are antique rugs that have retained their unique designs. These tapestries are distinguished by their naturally worn and rugged appearance. Rug collectors prefer them because each piece has its distinct distressed look that's difficult to recreate.

This carpet is ideal for your home if you want a remarkable conversation piece with a fascinating history. Each antique rug represents the historical periods and elements that paved the way for the rug-making industry as we know it today. This style emphasizes several weaving patterns and methods used for centuries.

Rug Brands & Designers

As a trusted rug store, we've worked with some of the world's most popular rug brands and designers to bring luxury area rugs to homes, including:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Loloi
  • Ralph Lauren Home
  • Safavieh
  • Barbara Barry
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones

With Jaipur Living's carefully selected custom carpets from India, you can bring the legacy of traditional weaving methods into your home. We suggest Lapchi and their specially made designer carpets if you're looking for unique pieces that reflect your chic taste. We also have modern contemporary items from the well-known rug company Loloi in stock.

To help you in creating opulent rooms at your San Francisco, CA, home, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has collaborated with well-known designers, including Ralph Lauren, James Tufenkian, Jenny Jones, and Barbara Barry.

Manufacturing & Weaving Methods

New weaving methods have been developed with the help of contemporary technology.

Contemporary designer rugs now feature elaborate patterns and more varied color schemes. Some of the weaving methods featured in Cyrus Artisan Rugs' catalog include

  • Hand knotting
  • Flat weaving
  • Hand looming
  • Hand tufting

Hand-knotted rugs are manufactured using the traditional Persian and Tibetan rug weaving process.  Meanwhile, hand-tufted designer rugs are made simply using hand-tufting guns.

Custom flat-woven carpets have no backing and can be used on any side. Their texture is much smoother and stronger than comparable handmade rugs. Hand-loomed bespoke area rugs that frequently lack fringes and fixed ends are made using a mounted wrap and a vertical loom.

Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Our luxury area rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and color palettes, from bold-colored to black-and-white area rugs. Some of the featured colors in our collection include: 

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gold and yellow
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black

When purchasing a luxury area rug, size is a crucial factor. Look for a piece that perfectly fits your space to create a cohesive look. The right rug size for your needs will depend on where you want to use your tapestry. 

For example, if you're hoping to add a Persian rug to your living space, we recommend ensuring that at least the two front feet of your furniture sit on top of the rug. You want to avoid picking a smaller size, as the rug should place each piece of furniture into one encompassing frame. 

Meanwhile, your dining room's Oriental rug should extend at least 24” from all sides of your dining table. The extra inches will ensure that your chairs slide properly and prevent their legs from catching the end of your luxury area rug. 

We recommend measuring your designated space and taking into account your flooring. You want to leave enough space for your hardwood floors to remain visible underneath your bespoke rug. 

Companies & Homes Served in San Francisco, CA

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is here to help rug collectors and enthusiasts in San Francisco, CA, find the perfect bespoke rug for their homes. You can browse our extensive collection in the comfort of your home by visiting our website. Our products are readily available for delivery and will be shipped from our Bloomington showroom straight to your doorstep. 

San Francisco, CA, is home to some of the country's most successful Fortune 500 companies, including Salesforce, Charles Schwab, Visa, and Wells Fargo. The county also has landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my rugs?

Cleaning cycles are determined by how much foot traffic your rug endures. For instance, we advise cleaning your handmade carpets in high-traffic areas of your home every eight to twelve months.

Conversely, rarely used tapestries could be cleaned every one to two years. Your designer rug's material and weaving technique will determine the ideal cleaning approach that will help you preserve its beauty.

How long do rugs last?

Your designer rugs' lifecycle depends on various elements, including material, weaving method, and upkeep. Some rug materials, like wool rugs, are more likely to shed and leave behind stains over time.

Your piece's ability to survive high foot traffic is also determined by the weaving technique employed to make it. Flatweave bespoke rugs are more durable than their handmade counterpart. Last but not least, the longevity of your rug's pristine condition depends on how well you clean and maintain it.

Should I use a rug pad?

While rug pads are unnecessary, they can help keep your bespoke rugs in great shape. These thin cushions protect your hardwood floors from scratches and dents caused by dirt and other pollutants trapped beneath the rug. Lastly, they prevent the carpet from slipping and keep them in place.

What do I do if my new handmade rug sheds?

New rugs tend to shed. Should you notice a loose fiber in your designer rug, refrain from pulling it out to prevent the weave from unraveling. Instead, lift the loose thread and clip it right at the root when you see it. We also recommend checking the recommended care instructions for your carpet.

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