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Luxury area rugs in San Diego, CA, play an important role in curating chic and practical spaces as they can affect two of the most important principles of interior design – style and functionality. With plenty of colors, patterns, and textures, they are among the most transformative home decor you can use.

There are endless ways bespoke area rugs can help you turn your dream interiors into reality and evoke specific emotions. You can alter your simple living room into a luxurious and regal space with the rich texture of a Persian rug. Meanwhile, you can recreate the relaxing atmosphere of a spa retreat in your bedroom with a soft bedroom area rug in light shades of green and blue.

If you feel like mixing different furniture styles in one room, you can use a large square area rug as your base to create a more cohesive look. Designer rugs can also help you anchor your furnishings and connect them. 

Suppose your new office feels barren and unfinished despite your new furniture. To remedy this, we recommend placing a square area rug beneath your desk to tie the entire look together. This tip also works when your furniture seems to be floating, and you need an element to ground them.

Some homeowners may find maintaining designer rugs inconvenient, but their comfort and practicality remain unparalleled. Plush bespoke area rugs can keep your feet warm and comfortable if you have stiff hardwood or tiled floors. You can use them to keep your home warm and cozy during winter.

The soft texture and noise-reduction properties of luxury rugs also make them perfect for child-proofing your kids' bedrooms or nurseries. Aside from their soft texture, rugs can reduce the noise from walking and running. A round area rug is the perfect, stylish solution for insulating the sound of particularly boisterous children.

Bespoke area rugs are necessary for homeowners who want to breathe new life into their space and for real estate agents hoping to stage their next best-selling property by perfectly balancing style and functionality. 

Modern Rugs

Decorate your home with innovative designs, bold patterns, and vibrant colors by placing modern rugs. These are a perfect way to infuse your living space with contemporary style and sophistication, whether you prefer minimalist designs or intricate geometric patterns.

Modern rugs are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty. They can be eye-catching additions to any space in your home, from the living room to the bedroom. Explore the wide range of designs and sizes available and find the perfect contemporary rug to transform your home into a modern masterpiece.

Custom Rugs

Get the perfect opportunity to create a unique and personalized piece for your home. Custom rug options allow you to craft a rug down to every detail, from its size, shape, and material to color and design.

Bring your ideas to life and create a custom rug. This decor is ideal if you can’t find a piece to match your existing decor or if you’re looking for the perfect statement piece to set the tone for a room. 

You can expect your custom rug to be crafted with utmost attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship while following your specifications. Elevate your interior with a piece that showcases your personal style and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are exquisite pieces of art crafted with meticulous craftsmanship and care. There are various ways how they can be made, such as hand-knotting and hand-weaving.

Hand-knotted rugs are made by tying individual knots onto a foundation using a warp and weft structure. Each knot is tied by hand, and the density and intricacy of the design depend on the number of knots per square inch. Their elaborate designs can take months or even years to accomplish, depending on their size and complexity.

Meanwhile, hand-woven rugs use a loom crafted by interweaving weft threads through the warp threads. This technique offers more flexibility and creativity and is generally less time-consuming.

Luxury Rugs

Luxury rugs are the epitome of elegance, sophistication, and exquisite craftsmanship. They are crafted using the finest materials and techniques, creating stunning pieces that adorn opulent spaces.

One of the defining characteristics of a luxury rug is its exceptional quality. You can expect nothing less with this premium investment, from the finest materials to meticulous weaving techniques. These decorative pieces ensure precision and attention to detail, resulting in visually captivating and long-lasting carpets.

Designer Rugs

Bring home a piece from renowned brands and designers with designer rugs. These decor are functional pieces of art that showcase their creativity, style, and artistic expression.

Designer rugs are known for their distinct aesthetic, such as avant-garde patterns, bold color combinations, and intricate details that make them stand out as statement pieces in a room. They draw inspiration from various sources, including nature, art, culture, and architecture, resulting in truly exceptional and eye-catching designs.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are timeless symbols of Morocco's rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. Also known as Berber rugs, these decorative pieces are hand-woven by skilled artisans using age-old techniques passed down through generations.

These luxury rugs make excellent additions to any home with their distinctive patterns, vibrant colors, and plush textures. Their piles have gained international recognition as they carry symbolic meaning deeply rooted in the heritage and traditions of their origin.

Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, & Antique Rugs

Enhance the aesthetic of your interior by placing Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and antique rugs available at our rug store serving San Diego, CA. These masterpieces bring exceptional beauty, incomparable comfort, and a touch of luxury to any living space.

Oriental rugs originate from various Asian countries, such as China, India, and Turkey. They are known for their rich colors, intricate designs, and high-quality craftsmanship. Their designs often reflect their respective regions' artistic traditions and cultural heritage.

Persian rugs are a specific subset of Oriental rugs originating from Persia, present-day Iran. They are primed for their diverse patterns, such as floral motifs, medallions, and geometric shapes. Persian mythology, historical events, and religious beliefs deeply influence their symbolic meanings.

Lastly, antique rugs are distinguished by age and historical significance. They showcase unique design and craftsmanship but are best known for their longevity, as they have stood the test of time. Adding these pieces to your interior will bring a sense of nostalgia and historical value.

Rug Brands & Designers

As a rug store in San Diego, CA, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has worked with some of the world's leading rug brands and designers, including: 

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Loloi
  • Ralph Lauren Home
  • Safavieh
  • Barbara Barry
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones

Safavieh is a rug company known for its traditional handcrafted carpets made from genuine cow hides, strip shags, and natural sheepskin.

On the other hand, the handcrafted rugs of Jaipur Living feature some of the most well-known weaving techniques from Africa. Finally, admirers of Ralph Lauren may show off their passion for the renowned designer's creations by purchasing one of his works from Cyrus Artisan Rugs' wide selection of rugs for San Diego, CA residents.

To offer sophisticated bespoke area rugs to interior designers and homeowners in San Diego, California, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has also worked with designers including James Tufenkian, Barbara Barry, and Jenny Jones.

Rug Colors & Decorating Tips

Cyrus Artisan Rugs' selection of artisan area rugs for San Diego, CA clients includes various color palettes, from bold reds to neutral black and white area rugs. We also offer bespoke rugs in the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gold and yellow
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black

If your living space features high ceilings, deep and contrasting color palettes will match the high-volume space. Larger and more graphic patterns also work well in settings like these. It would be best to avoid soft, low-contrast hues in large areas. Instead, place them in smaller, more intimate environments, allowing the designer rugs to come to life. 

Layering different bespoke rugs has become popular over the years. But to pull off this concept, you must keep certain things in mind, such as avoiding too many busy patterns and layering thick bespoke area rugs on top of each other. It would be best to pick a base and accent rug to layer. 

We recommend a solid-colored square area rug as your base and a smaller round area rug with your preferred patterns to place on top of it. A plain base allows you to mix and match your accent rug to spice up your home’s interiors. 

If you want to add a luxury rug to your dining room, we recommend looking for a piece at least four feet longer and wider than your dining table. The extra inches ensure your chair slides smoothly and its feet don’t catch your carpet.

Companies & Homes Served in San Diego, CA

If you’re an interior designer or homeowner looking for rugs in San Diego, CA, turn to Cyrus Artisan Rugs for the perfect piece that fits your needs. Explore our extensive collections by visiting our website from the convenience of your home. Our products are easily accessible for shipping from our Bloomington showroom and will be securely packaged before delivery to your front door.

San Jose, CA, is home to some of the country’s most successful Fortune 500 companies, including Qualcomm, Autoliv, Sempra Energy, and more. The city has landmarks like Balboa Park, Seaport Village, Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my rugs?

The frequency of cleanings can be determined by how much foot traffic your rug receives.

You should clean handmade rugs in high-traffic areas every eight to twelve months. On the other hand, rarely used pieces can be cleaned every one to two years. Your designer rug's material and weaving technique will determine the best cleaning method.

Do I need to rotate my rugs?

Rotating your rugs in common areas is crucial to ensuring even wear. We recommend doing so every six months or more frequently if the area sees a lot of traffic.

How long should rugs last?

Your designer rugs' longevity is influenced by several elements, including their material, weaving method, and upkeep. Some rug materials are more likely to shed and leave stains over time.

Your piece's ability to survive high foot traffic is also determined by its weaving technique. Lastly, your rug's overall condition depends on how well you clean and maintain it.

What do I do if there's a snag in my handmade rug?

If you spot any loose fibers on your luxury rug, you mustn’t pull them out, as the weave will unravel. Instead, you can raise the thread and cut it off at the source.

Keep in mind that freshly produced rugs often shed. To keep them pristine, you must understand how to properly remove loose threads.

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