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Cyrus Artisan Rugs is the best place to buy chic designer rugs in Orange County, CA. Our pieces feature some of the most popular rug styles, including antique and modernized Persian rugs. 

Thanks to the versatility of luxury area rugs, you can achieve almost any look and elevate the overall beauty of your home with one home decor. For instance, you can add a touch of elegance to your relaxed Mediterranean living space by incorporating an antique rug in deep shades of green and navy.

And if your black-and-white industrial office seems too jarring to the eyes, we have thick square area rugs that can help portray a softer look. You can also drape a bespoke wool rug over your sofa to make the space more inviting. 

Besides changing the overall atmosphere and feel of your home, Cyrus Artisan Rugs' collection of handmade rugs comes with a few functional features. For instance, they can help preserve the beauty of your flooring. 

Materials like hardwood can make any home look and feel elegant. But one downside to this material is that they scratch easily. Dust and heavy furniture can leave scratches on its surface. To prevent this from happening, we recommend placing a designer rug underneath your furniture.

Our bespoke rugs also have excellent noise-reduction properties that can dampen the sound of footsteps. This feature is especially useful in high-traffic areas of your home, like your living space and your child's bedroom. 

A thick pile of handmade rugs will dampen the vibration of your steps and prevent the sound from transferring elsewhere. If you want your kids to have fun in their bedroom without worrying about excessive noise, we suggest selecting a thick and colorful round area rug.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs believes handmade rugs are essential in creating chic and functional spaces. So, we've made it our mission to bring sophisticated designer rugs straight to your doorstep in Orange County, CA. 

Popular Rugs in Orange County

Our luxury rug store in Bloomington, MN, features eight of the hottest rug styles in Orange County.

Traditional Rug Style

Persian and Oriental rugs are classic handcrafted rugs known for their regal color palettes and designs. European and Western aesthetics have extensively influenced these luxurious area rugs, making them ideal for creating classic interior motifs such as Victorian-inspired music rooms.

These handcrafted carpets are flexible enough to work well in modern settings due to their timeless elegance. For instance, a handmade rug in deep shades of scarlet and green will offer a contrasting color to your airy Scandinavian living room. In addition, the color scheme will draw attention to your interior's clean lines.

We also recommend pairing your Persian rug with natural finishes like wood and some greenery to achieve a bohemian theme. To finish the look, you can pepper the area with terracotta pots and woven baskets. 

Transitional Rug Style

Transitional custom area rugs, unlike classic bedroom area rugs with vintage designs, combine traditional and contemporary elements into a single versatile fabric. Traditional and modern trends influence the designs of these magnificent square area rugs. Think Oriental rugs with neon color schemes.

Combining the old and new, transitional square area rugs have a style that can help you achieve a stylish and balanced interior design. For instance, if your dining room feels too formal with its sizable antique table, a transitional bespoke rug with vibrant color palettes will introduce a more casual feel to the space. 

But if you want your living room to feel and look regal, choose a piece with rich shades of maroon and cobalt blue. 

Tribal Rug Style

Tribal handmade rugs are perfect for buyers who want to create lively interior design schemes. These handcrafted carpets capture the extraordinary beauty of Nomadic tribes and their traditions, making them perfect for creating bohemian-inspired homes. The patterns and color schemes used by tribal weavers to create them depict their family life and culture.

These tapestries feature earth tones like green and brown, which go well against neutral color palettes and light wood finishes. Suppose your bedroom has a sandy wood bed set. In that case, a tribal bedroom area rug will add warmth to its appearance. 

You can layer a flatweave tribal handmade rug and a smaller animal-print carpet to recreate a lush, tropical theme. You can also hang tribal masks and purchase a lush Monstera pot for accents. 

Contemporary Rug Style

Contemporary designer rugs are all about sleek designs. These bespoke area rugs highlight this year's popular color schemes and abstract prints. They're the perfect solution for homeowners hoping to refresh their interiors in one go.

With so many color palettes, finding a piece that blends well with your existing interior design won't be challenging. Suppose you want to highlight your velvet sofa. In that case, we suggest gravitating towards light colors and clean lines. 

You can also use contemporary designer rugs to highlight eccentric pieces of furniture. For example, if you want your curved sofa to be the focal point of your living space, use a contemporary carpet with geometric shapes to highlight its shape.

Solid-Colored Rug Style

Solid-colored bespoke area rugs make the most sense if you want to experiment with various interior design styles and concepts. Since these tapestries have minimal to almost no patterns, you can easily pair them with any furniture. 

You can choose from various colors and different textures to play around with. So whether you want to offset a bold feature in your home or add more depth to your all-white bedroom, solid bespoke area rugs are the perfect choice for creating elegant and sophisticated spaces. 

Striped Rug Style

Stripes are classic designs that can elevate the elegance of your luxury house. Striped handmade rugs give you maximum control over your house's design and feel. Whether you want to inspire memories of the beach or set focal points in your living room, stripes can help you achieve these and more.

Add square area rugs with opposing lines to your contemporary living room to evoke a more soothing mood. You may also use these prints to hint at drama and elegance in your home office. Next, look for runners with broad horizontal lines to draw attention to your home's lengthy corridors.

Southwest Rug Style

Native Americans from states like Arizona and New Mexico initially created southwestern handmade rugs as saddle coats and blankets before they became a staple home decor. Using natural fibers and vegetable dyes, native weavers made these beautiful bespoke rugs showcasing the beauty of the South American desert.

The color palettes typically featured in these handmade rugs include rich shades of turquoise, terracotta, and warm browns. These vibrant colors pair well with natural hides and soft leather finishes. Additionally, they look great in other settings besides Navajo-inspired interiors. 

Suppose your Japandi living space feels a little too dull for your liking. In that case, you can use a southwestern handmade rug to liven things up. 

One-of-a-Kind Rug Style

One-of-a-kind carpets are repaired ancient rugs from various eras across the world. These bespoke area rugs are famed for their rich history and distinctive pattern, and the traces of heavy wear they've collected over the years distinguish them.

These handcrafted carpets include distinctive prints, color palettes, and weaving techniques from their time. They're ideal for replicating Victorian and traditional English rural cottages. With these luxurious area rugs, you can transform your home into a pleasant cabin in the English countryside.

And because no piece is the same as the other, you'll have a unique antique rug that's hard to find anywhere else.

Rug Brands & Designers

As a trusted rug store in Bloomington, MN, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has partnered with some of the country's impeccable rug brands and designers, including: 

  • Jaipur Living
  • Lapchi
  • Loloi
  • Ralph Lauren Home
  • Safavieh
  • Barbara Barry
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones

Suppose you want to feature the luxurious feel of real cow hides, strip shags, and natural sheepskin handmade rugs in your home. In that case, our Bloomington store carries some of Safavieh's popular items. And if you want to introduce some of Africa's wonderful cultures into your house, we have Jaipur Living's handmade carpets made by native female weavers.

Cyrus Artisan Rugs have collaborated with luxury rug designers like Ralph Lauren, James Tufenkian, Barbara Barry, and Jenny Jones to create chic homes in Orange Country, CA.

Tezcan is popular for combining wool and silk into one luxury area rug. On the other hand, renowned designer Vicente Wolf's work features modern-traditional designs that highlight his previous work as an interior designer. 

Manufacturing & Weaving Methods

Our products feature different weaving techniques and manufacturing methods, including the following: 

  • Hand knotting
  • Flat weaving
  • Hand looming
  • Hand tufting

A hand-tufting gun creates the velvety tapestries known as hand-tufted round area rugs. These rugs are intended to be thick, making them excellent for winter use. On the other hand, antique rugs use age-old weaving techniques from the East, such as hand-looming and hand-knotting.

While searching for designer carpets, you can consider the different weaving processes available in the market. Bespoke hand-knotted carpets will keep you toasty during winter. Flatweave items, on the other hand, are ideal for the summer.

Color & Decorating Tips

From black and white rugs to solid-tone carpets, our selection features various color palettes, including the following shades and tones: 

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gold and yellow
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black

The perfect bespoke rug for your house depends on the space you're working on. For example, if you're shopping for a piece for your bedroom, you can choose something that evokes a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Look for lighter color palettes instead of dark shades to ensure your luxurious bedroom is conducive to sleep. 

If you want to play with quirky colors and shapes, it's best to do it in your living room. High-traffic areas typically employ an energetic atmosphere, especially for hosting gatherings. To achieve this, you can experiment with different materials, patterns, and color palettes–so long as they match your overall interior scheme.

Lastly, antique rugs with elaborate frames are most suited for your dining space. The prints on these pieces can create a cohesive look by putting your dining table and chairs onto one canvas. 

Companies & Homes Served in Orange County, CA

Cyrus Artisan Rugs is here to serve stylish interior designers and homeowners in Orange County, CA. We carefully pack and ship our bespoke rugs from our Bloomington showroom straight to your home in California. 

Orange County is home to some of the country's most successful 500 companies, including Ingram Micro, Pacific Life, Edwards Lifesciences, and more. The neighborhood also has landmarks like the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Knotts Berry Farm, and Newport Beach Pier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free shipping in Orange County, CA? 

Cyrus Artisan Rugs guarantees its customers free delivery to any state in the US. Items that weigh less than 150 lbs will be shipped via UPS Grounds. Meanwhile, carpets that weigh more than 150 lbs will be sent via our third-party freight service.

How often should I clean my rugs?

Cleaning intervals depend on how much foot traffic your rug goes through. For example, we recommend cleaning handmade carpets in busy areas of your home every eight to twelve months. 

Meanwhile, rarely used pieces can be cleaned every one to two years. Proper cleaning for your designer rug depends on the material and weaving method.

What does it mean if there's a snag in my handmade rug?

Brand-new handmade rugs tend to shed. You should avoid pulling out loose fibers in your newly purchased luxury area rug. Doing so would cause the weave to unravel. Instead, lift the loose thread and clip it right at the root.

How do I prevent a rug from slipping?

It's normal for designer rugs to slip on certain floorings like tiles and wooden floor planks. However, if you want to keep your carpet still, we suggest using a rug pad. 

Rug pads serve as an extra cushion between your carpet and floor. Not only will it keep your bespoke area rug in place, but it'll also preserve the beauty of your floor. 

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