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When placed in any space, area rugs sold in Haight-Ashbury, CA, can make it more elegant and cozier. Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers a meticulously curated selection of these decor pieces to elevate your living space and showcase excellent artistry and sophistication.

Our pre-made and custom rugs combine remarkable creativity with the finest weaving techniques. Choose your rug from several styles and types, including traditional, modern, Southwest, antique, and Moroccan rugs. Moreover, you have multiple color, design, material, shape, and size options, helping you find the perfect rug for your home.

Rugs for homes in Haight-Ashbury, CA, breathe new life and energy into every room with well-crafted motifs, plush textures, and a rich spectrum of color palettes. Whether you seek a focal point for your living room or a subtle accent for your bedroom, we offer rugs to help you achieve your vision.

Exploring our vast area rug selection up close or online pulls you into a world of quality and design. Each rug highlights the notable artistry behind rug-making, blending tradition with modernity. Furthermore, our store becomes a starting point for your home’s transformation through the luxurious textures and fascinating designs of our rugs.

Discover the finest rugs to complement your vision and style, turning your home into a canvas of comfort and style. We invite you to see our curated area rug collection at our showroom in Bloomington, MN, or on our online store. Your home’s journey to becoming more vibrant begins at Cyrus Artisan Rugs.

Get Modern Rugs with Striking Contemporary Designs

Contemporary area rugs push the boundaries of style with distinctive designs and a wide range of colors. Whether you prefer vibrant hues and statement-making motifs or muted tones and subtle patterns to match a minimalistic interior, these rugs let you express your style and personality.

When it comes to designs, most modern rugs stand out with motifs inspired by current trends and made with immense creativity. These designs include clean lines, striking geometric patterns, and abstract designs. Alternatively, you can adorn your home with contemporary rug designs that put a fresh spin on traditional motifs influenced by notable eras in the evolution of art.

Modern area rugs also come in a broad spectrum of colors. Our rug store for homeowners in Haight-Ashbury, CA, offers these rug styles in neutral and vivid palettes. Subdued tones like beige and gray add simplicity and a sense of space to any area, while brighter-colored contemporary artisan rugs create livelier interiors.

Match Custom Rugs to Your Unique Interior

If you want a rug aligned with your creative vision, our rug store has a custom area rug program. Bespoke rugs redefine the standard of luxury, marrying artistry and exclusivity with a homeowner’s personality.

Our custom area rugs give you a canvas for self-expression, making them reflections of your distinct style and allowing them to fit into your home’s design perfectly. In our bespoke rug program, you choose the best color, design, material, shape, and size for your unique vision. It’s your chance to be fully involved in the creative process behind custom rugs, resulting in a piece that expresses your personality well.

Additionally, you can craft a bespoke area rug for spaces with unconventional sizes, layouts, and designs, or if you’re after a unique centerpiece. Our team understands that your home shows your individuality, and our custom rug program aims to help you achieve this goal.

How Does Our Bespoke Area Rug Program Work?

If you choose to join our custom rug program, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our area rug experts at our Bloomington showroom. Our staff will take note of your rug’s specifications and enter them into design software to create an initial design that is adjusted to your suggestions.

Next, a strike-off will be made from your bespoke rug design. It’s a swatch in your preferred color, design, material, shape, and size that’s also adjusted. Upon finalizing your rug’s design, it’s sent to our master artisans for production.

Adorn Spaces with the Exquisite Beauty of Handmade Rugs

Cyrus Artisan Rugs’s commitment to offering the finest rugs for homes in Haight-Ashbury, CA, extends to handmade area rugs, including hand-knotted and hand-woven varieties. Crafted by skilled artisans with meticulous attention to detail, these rugs offer more than floor protection. They’re also a testament to cultural heritage and time-honored techniques.

Making handmade rugs follows an intricate process, with artisans tying or weaving individual fibers to form intricate patterns. Ultimately, it creates a true masterpiece that embodies the cultural history and craftsmanship passed down through generations. Each thread in our hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs highlights the weaver's skill and the tale it tells.

When you buy a handmade area rug, you help preserve the traditions behind its craft. This step ensures that artisans continue to make handcrafted rugs with traditional weaving techniques and sustains their cultural significance.

Furthermore, handmade rugs serve as links to the past, connecting owners to the artistry and skills of communities across the globe. Our rug store for customers in Haight-Ashbury, CA, celebrates the unparalleled beauty of these artisan rugs and acknowledges how important it is to sustain their artistry.

Add Character to Any Room with Designer Rugs

Our extensive area rug collection also includes luxury area rugs. They’re exquisite expressions of grandeur and style for homes in Haight-Ashbury, with great precision, thorough attention to detail, and premium materials used in crafting these rugs.

Artistic vision and skilled weaving are poured into the craft of designer rugs. Various sources, including the latest design trends, inspire the creative minds behind our private label collection and our rug-making partners. As a result, luxury rugs carry the signature style of their designers, showcasing appealing colors, motifs, and textures to make your home visually interesting.

When you visit our Bloomington showroom or browse our online store, you’ll find area rugs crafted by these talented designers:

  • Barbara Barry
  • Clodagh
  • Erbil Tezcan
  • Gauri Khan
  • James Tufenkian
  • Jenny Jones
  • Kavi
  • Kevin Walz
  • Mark Pollack
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Thomas O’ Brien
  • Vicente Wolf

Designer rugs also become focal points of a room, making them popular among homeowners. These area rugs are a buyer’s top choice because of their distinct character and the touch of exclusivity brought to their space.

Moreover, luxury rugs have impressed homeowners with unmatched quality. They’re made from premium materials and with the finest weaving techniques, adding to the prestige and sophistication of designer rugs. Purchasing luxury area rugs allows you to invest in transforming your home into a more stylish and welcoming space.

Choose Premium-Quality Moroccan Rugs

Adorning your home with Moroccan area rugs brings you closer to a rich culture and timeless artistry. These area rugs express Morocco’s artistic heritage through weaving techniques handed down to numerous generations.

Skilled artisans make Moroccan rugs by hand-knotting or weaving threads from natural fibers like wool. As a result, you get a plush texture for a warmer space and immense durability. Additionally, Moroccan area rugs highlight distinctive geometric motifs and bold, earthy colors, reflecting the country’s history and culture while setting them apart from other rug styles.

Apart from fascinating designs, Moroccan-style rugs give spaces an authentic touch by infusing the spirit of Moroccan handiwork and culture into them. They’re also versatile, making these rugs a perfect fit for various interior styles. For example, Beni Ourains can add refined minimalism to a room filled with busy patterns.

Our rug store for homeowners in Haight-Ashbury, CA, proudly offers a curated Moroccan rug selection with pieces embodying the North African spirit. These exquisite floor coverings spark conversations and add global sophistication to your home’s interior.

Bring the History of Oriental, Persian, & Antique Rugs to Your Home

Rug styles and types also encompass Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs. These rugs give you a glimpse of the history and culture behind them.

Oriental and Persian rugs go beyond preventing damage to your floors and fatal slips when they’re out of place, serving as storied expressions of art and tradition. Our Oriental area rugs come in diverse styles, such as Afghan, Chinese, Nepalese, and Turkish, with detailed motifs and vibrant tones. Each rug reflects its origin’s unique heritage, weaving the handiwork of generations into a single, stunning tapestry.

On the other hand, Persian rugs of unparalleled quality and design have motifs with tales of Persia’s history and cultural identity woven into them. Looking closer at these rugs, you’ll see patterns with specific meanings, like medallions representing the sun and flowers symbolizing innocence, wealth, power, or passion.

Ultimately, exceptional handiwork and symbolism allow Oriental and Persian rugs to convey creativity, history, and culture. These rugs connect you to the artistry of their originating regions, offering a glance into the traditions that shaped generations of weavers.

Meanwhile, antique rugs are distinguished by their age. These area rugs are over 100 years old, bearing timeless beauty and a notable patina to impress visitors. As treasures from the past, antique rugs are sought after for their rarity, historical significance, and the unique stories embedded in their fibers.

Companies & Homes Served in Haight-Ashbury, CA

Cyrus Artisan Rugs offers finely crafted area rugs to customers in Haight-Ashbury, CA, a neighborhood renowned for its eclectic culture. This district next to Golden Gate Park has historic Victorian architecture and bears a deep musical and countercultural history, inspiring homeowners to enhance their living spaces.

Haight-Ashbury earned its bohemian charm in the 1950s and 1960s, with the hippie counterculture settling here in the mid-1960s. The neighborhood welcomed thousands of “flower children” in 1967 for the “Summer of Love.” Many of these youths sought transcendence and openness to new ideas and views through new religions, psychedelic rock music, illegal substances, and “free love” at the time.

Over time, the Haight-Ashbury district broke away from hippie culture. It was revived as a more refined neighborhood in the 1980s, a characteristic it carries until today. Haight-Ashbury became one of the Bay Area’s wealthiest and most lavish areas as the 21st century started, hosting many restored Victorian homes.

Besides this affluent neighborhood, San Francisco houses Fortune 500 companies such as leading commercial bank Wells-Fargo, software provider Salesforce, and payment card service provider Visa. These businesses contribute to the Bay Area’s thriving economy and add prestige to its districts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Area Rugs

How do I clean area rugs at home?

To clean area rugs at home, vacuum them frequently. Use your vacuum cleaner’s low-suction setting to loosen damaging debris, and clean your rug without a beater bar to maintain its delicate fibers.

Finally, blot spills on a pre-made or custom rug with a clean cloth. Do this step quickly to avoid damage.

Can I spot-clean handmade rugs?

Yes, you can spot-clean handcrafted rugs if they get minor stains. But for deep-cleaning hand-knotted or hand-woven rugs, it’s best to follow specific cleaning and maintenance instructions. Otherwise, consider hiring a professional rug cleaner to ensure proper care of handmade area rugs.

What should I do when storing pre-made or bespoke rugs?

When storing pre-made or bespoke area rugs, clean and dry them first. Once these rugs are thoroughly dried, roll them with the pile facing inward.

Put rolled rugs in protective bags or wrap them in breathable material, then store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing heavy items over your rug.

How do I care for Oriental and Persian rugs?

You can care for Oriental and Persian area rugs through these important steps:

  • Always vacuum these rugs to clean accumulated dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Rotate Oriental and Persian rugs to ensure even, gradual wear.
  • Clean spills on these rugs promptly by blotting them with a clean cloth.
  • Have your rug deep-cleaned when needed.

Does your rug store offer maintenance services to customers in Haight-Ashbury, CA?

Yes, our rug store offers maintenance services to customers in Haight-Ashbury, CA. You can leave your pre-made or bespoke area rug to our cleaning and repair experts.

Our cleaning department typically takes 10 days to deep-clean new and antique rugs. Cleaned rugs can be picked up or delivered to your home.

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