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Cyrus Artisan Rugs is every serious collector and enthusiast’s dream. Founded in 1885, the company worked its way up the world stage from a small family business in Iran. Amid success and continuously growing fame, Cyrus Artisan Rugs remains true to its commitment—providing impeccable products as well as excellent customer service.

Sharing the history, culture, and art of artisan rugs is one of the Farahan family’s objectives in setting up the company. After displaying their products in London and New York, they decided to bring the business to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they would eventually take the trade by storm. The Minnesota Cyrus Rugs showroom was opened in Bloomington in 1988. This feat cemented the company’s place at the forefront of what is now a billion dollar industry in the United States.

The humble store has since developed into the largest showroom for artisan rugs in the Midwest. Occupying 13,000 square feet of space, it houses over 3,000 artisan rugs for sale. The vastness of its collection and the promise of quality rug services in Saint Paul are enough to pull patrons in. But more than just an outlet for persian rugs, area rugs, and the likes, Cyrus Artisan Rugs is a trusted brand that immerses you in luxury.

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Quality products meet world-class customer service at Cyrus Artisan Rugs. A visit to our showroom proves to be a feast for your senses as we redefine the shopping experience. Aside from feeling the texture of our rugs, you have every opportunity to examine their true colors under natural light. Large skylights lined above the ceiling ensure the showroom is always aptly illuminated for your benefit.

The hardwood flooring, too, is designed with guests in mind. The expansive space provides enough room to lay out multiple area rugs at once, allowing you to easily compare carpets and see how they look side-by-side. If you’re a local client, enjoy the privileges of our “Try Before You Buy” program. Pick out your favorite artisan rug from the store and temporarily bring it home to Saint Paul. This way, you can see exactly how it blends into your house before committing to making the purchase.

Having trouble finding the perfect carpet? Feel free to consult one of our in-house design experts or craft it yourself with our custom rug program. Illustrate your idea and we’ll send it to our master weavers for production. You can customize everything down to the rug’s fibers, colors, and dimensions to guarantee the end product is to your liking.

Owning artisan rugs is an investment but also a lot of maintenance. At the Minnesota Cyrus Rugs showroom, we offer the best rug services in Saint Paul onsite. We have experienced staff to clean, repair, and restore your carpets to its former glory. Delight as your worned out pieces return good as new after our experts tackle its problem areas with the right tools and techniques.You can also bring your antique carpets to be evaluated at the store. Our appraisers can tell you the value of your rugs, as well as its age and origins.

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