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Luxury rugs in Scottsdale, AZ, have been a part of human civilization and have evolved from being just a practical floor covering. Nowadays, area rugs are used by interior designers to add dimension and luxury to a particular space.

Dark hardwood floors, walls, and ceilings can create a rich and antiquated ambiance but may absorb much of the light in the room. A large white luxury rug can provide a contrasting effect against the dark hardwood material. Similarly, a dark antique rug can mute the brightness and soften the glow of an overly bright space. The proper rug choice can change the dynamic of a room and complement its existing design.

Our rug showroom in Bloomington, MN, features an extensive collection of magnificent pieces made by some of the most well-known names in the industry. 

From area rugs to luxury rugs and antique rugs, we offer a range of products covering different cultures and heritage. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle or bold design to a space in your abode, we're confident that you'll find a rug that perfectly complements your style. Visit our Bloomington showroom today.

Quality And Value For Luxury Area Rugs in Scottsdale, AZ

Since 1885, Cyrus Artisan Rugs has been a prominent name in the rug industry, bringing the sophisticated beauty and rich history of rugs to homes worldwide. Our family, the Farahans, has curated an extensive collection of designer rugs, ranging from traditional to transitional, contemporary, and tribal handmade rugs.

At Cyrus Artisan Rugs, we value quality and craftsmanship above all else. Each textile in our showroom has been carefully chosen, and we have partnered with leading rug designers across the country to bring the best selection to homes and businesses in Scottsdale, AZ. Whether you're looking for a luxurious area rug to add elegance to your living space or an antique rug to infuse character into your home, we are confident that our collection has something for you.

Our Rug Types and Styles

Cyrus Rugs carries an extensive assortment of rugs in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and more. Our collection is divided into different categories: tribal, traditional, contemporary, and transitional rugs. 

Tribal rugs, as the name suggests, originated from different cultures like the Kurds and the Turkmen. Today, homeowners and interior designers alike favor tribal rugs with geometric patterns with a neutral tone.

For instance, large black and white modern rugs usually have simple diamond or crisscrossed motifs all over the pile. These carpets are often found in dining rooms with neutral tones or a vibrant central theme.

This results in the area rug complementing the existing design rather than acting as one of the room’s main features. In turn, it creates a blend between modern motifs and tribal patterns, creating an amalgamation of both cultures.

Meanwhile, traditional area rugs carry the timeless ornate patterns of the Persian, European, Victorian, and Oriental eras. Those patterns come in different forms, like diamonds, octagons, hexagons, or intricate circular designs.

As for the color, it usually follows a single shade, whether red, blue, brown, or maroon. One look at a traditional rug, and you’ll instantly recognize its archaic but luxurious feel.

On the other hand, contemporary designer rugs are the complete opposite of traditional handmade rugs as they set aside traditional motifs for more modern designs and patterns. It favors bold patterns and more playful and romantic themes that greatly contrast the conventional traditional designs. As a result, contemporary luxury rugs are often considered accessories on their own as they are much more suited for spaces with a modern flair.

Last but not least is transitional handwoven rugs. Of the four, transitional modern rugs are the most complicated piece as they blend traditional and contemporary types. For instance, a transitional rug may carry the luxury color themes of a traditional rug but lacks the intricate patterns of such design. Instead, it will usually have asymmetrical decorations where it leaves a distinct impression.

There are also a variety of transitional luxury rugs that mix geometric motifs with soft and neutral hues. This is usually placed in rooms with similar neutral themes where it will further reinforce the minimalistic approach.

Think of square area rugs with a Navajo white color theme and tamed flora patterns. Then picture it in a subdued-colored nursery where calm and silence rule the atmosphere. A similar argument can be made when the same rug is placed in a library to soften the tones of its dark wood walls and ceiling.

When choosing between the four, always consider what it is you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to try different rugs to ensure you’re achieving the desired atmospheric mood.

Rug Brands and Designers

Selecting a floor covering from our Bloomington showroom can often be an overwhelming yet exciting task. We hold some of the best designer rugs made by several well-known names in the interior design trade. 

And one of these names is none other than James Tufenkian, head and founder of the Tufenkian brand. Years ago, Tufenkian shook the US interior design industry by deviating from already popular pieces like Persian rugs and settling for Tibetan production.

The move was an instant hit, although he didn’t stop there. Apart from materials, he also deviated from designs saturating the market and introduced other motifs from different corners of the globe, like Chinese latticework. Today, Tufenkian brings a fresh perspective to the rug industry to prevent it from getting stale and maintaining its dynamic nature.

Erbil Tezcan is another well-known name in the rug world. Although Tezcan hails from Turkey and has multiple awards under his belt, he admits he wasn’t as passionate about them back then. However, his love for design ultimately led him to the rug industry. His gift is reimagining depictions and translating them into captivating motifs in a rug. For this reason, he calls himself a “translator” rather than a “designer.”

He often looks at riveting photographs for inspiration and reconfigures them in his head. One such photograph features a lake, stream, and vegetation. This led to the creation of the rug called Divine, with Tezcan explaining that the gold and red hues in the carpet represent autumn.

If you’re looking for a rug inspired by nature, you might want to check the pieces created by Barbara Barry. From the color and patterns of flower fields to the mesmerizing pull of the Milky Way, Barry tries to incorporate them in her work. She also takes some of her inspiration from some of the scribblings she’s done years prior. As for her color motifs, she favors sticking to a single color and utilizing its different shades in her designs.

Another immense presence – not just in the rug industry but the entire fashion world – is Ralph Lauren. Lauren favors comfort and a sense of belongingness when it comes to designing a space. And similar to Tezcan, Lauren is extremely passionate about expressing himself through his designs. His rugs are eclectic and always have that refreshing feel to them, giving the impression of a distinct emotion on an already classic motif.

Other pieces featured in our Scottsdale, AZ, rug collection include designs from:

  • Thomas O’Brien

  • Jenny Jones

  • Clodagh

  • Kavi

  • Kevin Walz

  • Mark Pollack

Apart from these well-known designers, we also feature pieces from popular brands. These include Lapchi, Tamarian, Nourison, and our very own Cyrus Artisan rugs.

Each of these brands has a different and recognizable style that captivates different people. For example, Lapchi Lauren rugs focus on beautiful Tibetan craftsmanship, while Nourison focuses on rich color and gripping patterns even with their more affordable rugs.

Here are other brands included in our vast Scottsdale rug catalog:

  • Jaipur Living

  • Safavieh

  • Tamarian

  • Tufenkian

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Tibet Rug Company

  • Kalaty

  • Samad

  • Wool & Silk Rugs

  • Loloi Rugs

Manufacturing and Weaving Methods

Our showroom has both machine-made and handwoven pieces. Here are the weaves of our rugs:

  • Hand-knotted

  • Flat-woven

  • Hand-loomed

  • Hand-tufted

  • Power-loomed

  • Machine-loomed

Hand-knotted carpets carry the most value among these choices, as making them takes far longer. But they also have the highest quality as they’re made with detailed precision to bring out a luxurious and sophisticated presentation.

Flat-woven rugs differ from hand-knotted pieces in that they are created like a basket and do not contain thousands of knots. Their unique weaving method also produces a mirrored design on both the front and back of the rug, making it possible to flip the carpet over and still see a similar pattern.

In terms of affordable options, we offer power-loomed and machine-loomed rugs. These textiles are created using either synthetic fibers or natural materials, making them an excellent choice for designers and homeowners who want to decorate their spaces without spending too much money. With these options, you can still achieve a stylish and comfortable interior design without breaking the bank.

Colors and decorating tips

Decorating a room with a rug is not as difficult as you think, but it still takes time and effort to be done correctly. For instance, if the room has a minimalistic design, adding a bedroom area rug with a vibrant color can add depth to its bearing.

Meanwhile, if your space already has an energetic intensity, tone it down with a neutral square area rug, like a rug with a beige or Navajo-white hue. Always consider the size of your rug and see if it suits the space.

A small bedroom shouldn’t have a huge 8x10 area rug, as it will create a stifling impression. Instead, place it in a living room where it will provide the illusion of a larger space and create invisible yet distinct proportions.

Moreover, you’d want to consider other elements in the room, like paintings, draperies, and furniture. If the furniture, for instance, has curved and soft edges, a traditional rug will complement it.

You should also factor in the positioning of your rug. If the rug has a single elegant design – like a flower or a single geometrical shape – do not place it under a low table where the design will be partially hidden. Try to position it under a piece of furniture with elevated or exposed legs where it can show off its elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy area rugs in Scottsdale, AZ?

Cyrus Rugs have a rug showroom in Bloomington, MN, where you can personally inspect our wide selection of handmade pieces and designer rugs. Our approachable staff will provide you with sample swatches so you can check and examine the design and materials.

Does Cyrus Artisan Rugs have a trial period?

Yes, we do. Our “Try Before You Buy” program lets you take our sample pieces home before finalizing your purchase. This program allows you to install the rug in your room to determine whether it’s the right fit. If it’s not, return the carpet to the showroom, and we’ll give you another sample rug. 

Where do I rent rugs in Scottsdale, AZ?

Our Scottsdale, AZ, rug showroom allows you to rent a rug for props, advertising, and special occasions. Some of our customers who avail of this service are realtors, photographers, and set designers.

How do I position area rugs in a bedroom?

This will depend on the size of the bed and the rug itself. If the rug is big enough to cover the entire bed and still has a bit of allowance, you can place it under the bed and ensure it’s not impeding any footpath.

If not, move the rug so it only covers two-thirds of where the bed is standing, with the free space given to the headboard side. Anything smaller than that should be placed at the side of the bed, especially if the bed is placed against the wall.

How do I get wrinkles out of my rug?

Take a damp towel and place it on the wrinkled area. Then, set your iron to steam setting and push down against the damp towel.

Do so in quick bursts to avoid burning the towel and the material underneath it. If your rug has a longer pile, soften the wrinkles by spraying it with a bit of water. Afterward, set your blow dryer to low heat and aim it at the crumpled area to get rid of the wrinkles. 

How do I safely store my rugs?

Before storing your rugs, always clean them first to ensure no dirt clings to the material. Once done, tightly roll the carpet, wrap it in fabric or plastic, and store it in an elevated area.  

Failing to do so will risk the rug getting stained if a liquid gets spilled near its vicinity. Additionally, unroll the rug once a month and vacuum it, as it will eventually accumulate dust. It’ll also allow you to check the rug for any damage from insects or other elements. 

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